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Last Updated on December 27, 2022

Fuel prices are no longer shocking, only evoke grim resignation, and this mood of the herd does not suit the shepherds – because it makes them a suicidal government that is destined to be swept away and trampled into history in the next electoral cycle. Therefore, it is urgently required to spread the straws and add food. Food and straw should be any that are in stock. So the measures to save us from fuel prices are also a little rotten.

Chief among them is the much publicized 9-euro public transport ticket. I kept waiting for it to finally be approved. After all, they might not have accepted it, the measure is doubtful. But the advertising was so wide that it was already impossible not to accept. Therefore recently for the 9-euro ticket finally voted. The pre-sale starts on May 23rd.

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9-euro public transport ticket – everything you wanted to know about it

Validity of 9-euro ticket

Three times, three month – June, July, August.

Each ticket is valid for one month and automatically expires at the end of the month.

How much and where to buy

You can buy 9-euro ticket in any transport network, buses (as a rule, regional, but not urban), vending machines, mobile apps, online. This ticket must be looked for in the discount tickets, not in the timetable, similar to the tickets of the federal states.

It costs, respectively, 9 euros per month.

You must write your name on the ticket, that is, it is not transferable.

Where does it work

Local transport: buses, trams, metro, as well as regional trains, i.e. S, RE, RB, IRE trains – throughout Germany. That is, theoretically, you can get from one end of Germany to the other in 8-10 hours practically for free if none of your trains are late.

The ticket is not valid on long distance trains (ICE, IC, EC), long distance buses and trains of private companies (for example, Flixtrain)

And what about children

For children, you need to buy your own 9-euro ticket. As always, it is touching – the bike is very often free, although it takes 4 seats, dogs in our network are also free, and children are not discounted.

However, some networks retain the rules for free trips for children that were in effect before. For example, in Stuttgart it was possible for children to ride for free on weekends – this is preserved.

For pass holders

The general rule is that this month they will charge 9 euros for a travel card. But specific rules for additional conditions (other bonuses of your travel card) need to be checked on the websites of transport networks.

For pass holders who have restrictions on the time of use (for example, only after 9 am), these restrictions are removed.

For trips within Germany, an additional piece of paper must be sent (so Stuttgart transport system writes).

If you have a two transport passes, you take Nachweis in the system where you live and apply for a refund of 9 euros in the system where you travel.

If you pay a one-time fee for a year or a semester, you should receive a refund. Please note that it is possible, that you need to fill out an application for this! And in a fairly short time frame. For example, Heilbronn wants the student semester ticket refund application to be submitted by August 31, and the application for this is going to hang up only at the beginning of June.

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Why do I think that the measure is rotten, that is, more populist than real?

Judging by magazine articles, the government is not very aware of why public transport is so unpopular and how to make it more popular. This experiment will clarify these issues. From which I conclude that both the government and journalists do not use public transport as ordinary people, and if they do, then only ICE first class.

Why not ask ordinary people now? This does not require expensive experiments. Here’s me for example – I use public transport a lot, and with children, and I always thought that it was more useful for a person than a car. Better yet, just transfer employees of transport ministries and departments and journalists to public transport for these three months. Get a lot of first-hand information for free.

The answer will be this. It’s not about the price of transport, prices in Germany is more often adequate than inadequate. It’s a total inconvenience, especially for families. And by creating such inconvenience for families with children, you more than clearly show why these future adults should dream of a car. I spoke with older teenagers – they dream of nothing more than to escape from the public transport system.

And these inconveniences:

1. A 5-minute transfer plan where those 5 minutes are unattainable (also practically everywhere).

Firstly, even if I am a healthy adult without burdens, I walk from the railway to the bus at least 3 minutes at a fast pace. If I am with a stroller or I am a old woman, I will never manage that.

Secondly, being 5 minutes late for trains is now the norm rather than the exception.

Therefore, your 5-minute schedule flies 90 percent of the time into hell. This means that I will have to wait 20-30-40 minutes for the next train or bus. And my trip, which lasts 25 minutes by car, turns into 1 hour and 30 minutes by public transport, although the net travel time is no more than 40 minutes.

In our transport network, I always have to take one tram earlier than I actually need to – due transport delays and because I do not manage the transfer so quick.

2. Have you been looking to spend your money? Spend them on the salary of machinists, the development of the network, more transport!

Train cancellations due to lack of drivers or minor breakdowns are an almost daily reality.

The bus four times a day is not something that will make your voters transfer to it. A canceled train on Sunday, if it runs once an hour – what do you think I will ride with three children?

Once we arrived at the Stuttgart airport at 18:00, but had to take a taxi, because we didn’t have time for the last train to the final station – this is not called a developed network.

On the Würzburg – Heilbronn section, about 1-2 km are one track. This is considered the death of all plans to speed up traffic and increase the number of trains on a direct route from north to south. Due to the underdevelopment of this segment, all trains go through Frankfurt. Now let’s compare this miserable kilometer in an uncomplicated landscape without the need to relocate people and move roads with billion-dollar financial black holes like Stuttgart-21.

3. Some transport networks like HNV manage to be consistently anti-family in their fares and services. This means that the family simply must have two cars and use it even for short trips.

4. Have you ever considered a city from a pedestrian point of view? For example, look at shopping centers not in the very, very center of the city. You will see that most of them do not have (at all) footpaths! The pedestrian is forced to walk on the roadway.

And there are plenty of such places. People had to fight for normal zebra-crossing in Heilbronn. I wrote to their Ordnungamt myself, after being forced to jump out from under a car twice in one day. In response, I received a rude letter stating that these are my problems. Six months later, a zebra-crossing was drawn, but a person with such walking experience will think always whether to use a car.

5. Trains with each new generation are less and less suitable for transporting things. The whole story – where to put things in ICE, the stroller turns into an impossible task.

6. The amount of transport does not correspond well to its occupancy. Too often I drive in the crowd.

What will be the result of the introduction of a 9-euro ticket

Yes, we will get some money – those of us who already used public transport.

The rest will rush to travel on the weekend. They have done this before, but if earlier they might have been too lazy, now they will definitely go. And there will be a double people mincer, worse than it was already on every Easter and other popular holidays.

Will it make anyone suddenly notice public transport – no way, not for love or money. For a simple reason – it is inconvenient in the most cases. And even more so after traveling in an advertising crowds. Who needs this stress if they still have to keep a car for every adult family member. And if it is already in the garage, then why suffer.

And what else will they give?

For the same three months, the tax burden on fuel will be reduced. In cents, that would be 35.2 cents per liter for petrol and 16.7 cents for diesel.

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