Actual this autumn: emergency storage, corona rules and declaration of real estate

Last Updated on October 21, 2022

It’s still warm outside, but the lack of city lighting is a clear reminder that a hard winter is just around the corner. The German media regularly publishes a list of what the government thinks you should have in reserve in case of emergency. At the very least, long-term blackout are highly likely. Let’s look at this list. At the same time we will look at what is required of us in connection with the corona (do you remember this one?).

But let’s start with the good news, which, however, was absolutely programmed and predicted back in the spring.

Extension of the declaration of real estate term

The declaration for real estate had to be submitted before October 31, but only 20 percent of those obliged did it. And this is not surprising: they give half a year for a regular tax declaration and people do not have time, but here they gave only 4 months. And it was impossible to prepare in advance, you can only submit online (and for this you have / create an account), and the declaration form is written like this that even consultants could not write clear instructions for it.

Surprised by 20 percent, the government drew the right conclusions from this unequivocal gesture of the population and extended the deadline until the end of January. But still, I advise you to deal with this declaration in the near future, because this is really not a day of work, but at least a couple of weeks for preparation.

Not forget: deadline for tax declaration (Steuererklärung) 2022 is 31th Oktober.

Grundsteuererklärung – real estate declaration in Germany
German tax return. Elster online. Anlage Kind and other applications of Steuererklärung by #tax declaration

Corona rules for the coming cold months

Despite the fact that in most cases the corona now passes in the form of a cold and, according to German data, up to 95 percent of the population already has antibodies to it, the government continues to come up with rules of conduct so that we do not doubt that we are being taken care of. The logic in these rules gradually tends to zero. But nevertheless they have a place to be, which means that you need to know about them. And stock up on masks. In the summer, FFP2 was almost not sold, and the old ones were already worn out, so I think I’m not the only one who ran out of stock of these masks.

Basic required level

masks in local public transport – medical or FFP2 depending on the decision of the federal state
masks in long-distance public transport – FFP2
but – how bizarre is the thought of the Minister of Health – there is no need for masks on airplanes!
for patients and visitors of hospitals, sanatoriums, organizations for the care of the elderly and other similar outpatient and inpatient facilities – FFP2
for doctors praxis visitors – FFP2

Children under 5 are exempt from masks. Children under 13 can wear medical.

Tests are required:
for visitors to hospitals and care organizations
for caregivers

Exception to the obligation to take the test: Notfall situations (as an accompanying person or visitor).

The quarantine for the sick person ends after five days if there have been no symptoms for two days in a row. A test confirming recovery is not currently required. And even for schoolchildren are not required, although at first such requirements were voiced (but then canceled).

Level 1

Introduced by the lands under the necessary conditions. As far as I understand, the lands will delay such decisions until the last.

At this level, the obligation to wear masks indoors (feeding, sports, entertainment) is reintroduced, with exceptions for those with an up-to-date test. Also at this level, childrens must wear masks in schools from the 5th grade and do tests in all children’s institutions (kindergartens, schools and so on).

Level 2

Masks without exception for indoor and outdoor activities, if a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed. Restrictions on the number of people.

Vaccinations or past illness will be relevant at the discretion of the authorities. In this case, a vaccination or disease not older than 3 months will be considered fresh.


The testing rules were changed over the summer and have been in place ever since.

Free Schnelltest:

– to come out of isolation
– for those who have a sick family member
– children under 5 years old
– visitors to hospitals and similar institutions where tests are mandatory
– those who cannot get vaccinated (with evidence)
– those who have family members to care for
– participants in vaccine research

Schnelltest for 3 euros:

-if App has shown the status “high risk”
– for those attending an indoor event
– for those who are going to visit a person with an increased risk of disease or over 60 years old

Free PCR

– for positively tested official or homemade Schnelltest
– official contact persons

Emergency storage

Blackouts and other troubles are much more likely this year. It’s not for nothing that government-recommended stock lists are published every couple of months. Let’s look at it.

It is important here that a long blackout is not only a power outage, a stove and a refrigerator, but possible problems with water, shops and other infrastructure. That is, the list should provide you with a more or less autonomous existence for, as the compilers expect, 10 days.


Flour and sugar are not leading the list in products, as most buyers usually think, emptying these shelves. You can’t do anything with flour without electricity, unless you have a stove with an oven in the yard. Plus, it can relative quick spoil. Preference should be given to what is prepared with a minimum of water and heat and does not require a refrigerator.

The check list is for 1 person. How to count children is a mystery to me. Because if I count for 5 people, then I will have 100 liters of water and at least 60 kg of other products.

  • 20 liters of water
  • 3,5 kg of cereals, their derivatives, bread, potatoes, pasta or rice (to choose from)
  • 4 kg lentils, Chickpeas (Kichererbsen), beans, peas and canned vegetables
  • 2,6 kg of milk and dairy products
  • 1,5 kg of fish, meat, eggs or egg powder
  • 0,4 kg of fats and oils
  • dry food – according wills and the possibilities

Technical devices

  • camping stove
  • akkus and possibly generators
  • dynamo lamp
  • batteries
  • VHF radio

Medicine and drugstore

  • means for disinfection
  • toilet paper
  • pain relievers and fever reducers
  • remedies for diarrhea and vomiting
  • dressings

I would add – vitamins, since food will be cut, and water filters.

And no less important is to provide yourself with leisure at least during daylight hours. Work without electricity, after all, will also be out. Knitting, for example, is a good thing. And warm clothes, and leisure – kill two birds with one stone.

I’ve already started training 🙂

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