Child expenses in Germany in October 2022

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

We begin to record the costs of three children in Germany. Age categories: toddler, primary school child, teenager.

Mode of use is economical. A rare budget with three children will survive with all bio. We prefer not bio, but what is called in Germany “nachhaltig” (I don’t meet still good translation: “nachhaltig” means with thinking about nature, without unnecessary).

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There are also amounts in family expenses: electricity approx. 30 euros, larger car, larger apartment, Nebenkosten (additional costs for appartment), more money for holidays. Besides that, we do not yet pay for the kindergarden (150-300 euros) and for the after-school care.


462 euros

plus 10 euros meals at school (bill from the previous month)


38 euros


89 euros

School supplies

21.50 euros

19 euros for school photos

school class fee – 30 euros


Mobile phones:

8 euros

3.50 euros

33 euros – a tracker for the child, since it turned out that the school would not deign to inform if he did not reach it (there is no school bus in this year)

100 euros – Audio player


20 euros

Pampers – 31 euros

Birthday (for teenager)

150 euros

Books and toys (for Christmas)

50.50 euros

Pocket money for lunch and travel to the pool

20 euros

5 euros

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