Basic German grammar tables and translation exercises in Anki. 1

Last Updated on October 9, 2023

Basic German – let’s go from the necessary to the more complex.

The very beginning, without which one cannot speak, – personal pronouns and present tense verb forms.

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Negation in German
Basic German. 4. Time and prepositions of time in German
Basic German with tables. 3. Local prepositions
Basic German with tables. 2. Noun and articles
Difference between beginnen and anfagen and starten
SS or ß in German

Personal pronouns

German grammar

Du and ihr are used in relation to friends, colleagues (in general, companies may have their own rules), children, often on forums.

Personal pronouns change by case, which we will look at in the next post.

Possessive pronouns

German grammar tables

Possessive pronouns change in the same way as articles (see next post)

Verbs in present tense

There are regular verbs – changing according to the standard scheme, such are the majority, and strong – the forms of which need to be memorized. There are much fewer of them, but they are often used. Strong verbs also have standard patterns, you will notice this when you start learning them.

Regular Verb Forms

The first verb is standard, the rest have features highlighted in green.
Second column – verb’s base ends with t, d, tm, chn, chn, dm, gn, ffn.
Third column – verb’s base ends with ß, s, z
Forth column – verb ends with ln

All changes are understandable – for easy pronunciation.

German verb's form

Strong Verb’s forms

Strong verbs often change the vowel – to a vowel with an umlaut or to i, ie:

Verb's form

As you can see, the changes affect the only singular.

Special Verbs

You just have to learn these four special verbs.


Translation training from native language into German

We train translation of simple sentences from native language into German. To do this, we install Anki – free of charge, universally, recognized all over the world and very convenient.

Everything is described in detail in the topics about the program – #anki.

To get started, you just need to read the first part – how to install the desired deck and start using it. Then we take the deck from here and practice.

Sometimes Google closes the link by itself, you can me inform about it in comments or ask to open through Google.


I will renew the deck with each lesson. One deck will have 5 lessons. In order not to limit ourselves to the number of words for training, create a filtered deck: Tools / Create a filtered deck / tag: deu1 in the search field.


All topics with grammar exercises – #german grammar
All about Anki – #Anki

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