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Last Updated on December 27, 2022

The government rolled out another generous gift to voters. Somewhere in the back of my mind, the thought is tossing and turning about how much we must pay later, something like “tax-free” Elterngeld, for which you will pay later, when submitting a declaration. But for now, let’s put the thought of the consequences in the attic and rejoice that we are remembered and loved. Next – how exactly they remember about us.

9-euro public transport ticket and other gifts
Credit cards in Germany
Tax return in Germany. All income tax deduction
Tax return in Germany. Elster online. Anlage N. Working expenses
Benefits for families in Germany

The previous gifts were, in case you forgot:

  • no taxation of electricity from July 1
  • 230 euros for Azubi and students on student loans
  • an increase in the non-taxable minimum by 363 euros and an increase in the Pauschale for working expenses to 1200 euros, which you, of course, felt when you received retroactively about 15 euros on top of your monthly salary
  • 100 euros per child at a time
  • 100 or 200 euros for beneficiaries
  • an unforgettable 9-euro ticket and a discount on fuel, which went almost unnoticed. In Austria, without any discounts, fuel is cheaper
  • 300 euros for employees (to be paid in September). The gift will go into the total taxable amount, so remember that this money will be much less for you in the end.

Please note that these below are plans, and the money itself and the implementation of promises are expected later and gradually, as the promised 300 euros did not immediately reach us, only in September, as they had already forgotten about.

Energy prices, whoa!

For the price of electricity they want to make a ceiling. After all, everyone has already received a notice of a third increase since October? I wonder if this autumn price increase will hit the ceiling of goverment, or whether there is still growth and growth. This month we should receive an annual recalculation, so we’ll see if there was a discount in the summer or if the supplier compensates for everything in the autumn.

At the same time, they want to postpone the increase in the tax on carbon dioxide. Who does not know, we pay money for emissions, exhausts and exhalation, it’s just that the fee is cleverly hidden.

Energy companies, according to the logic of the government, should share their super profits.

Compensation for price increases for different categories of citizens

In this chapter, the government decided to help those in need:
pensioners (300 euros at a time),
students and students at the Berufsfachschule (200 euros)
receivers of Wohngeld
energy-intensive industries that cannot pass the costs on to the public

Kindergeld will be slightly increased for everyone (it is already raised by 10-15 euros every year) and Kinderzuschlag for those who are in the category between needy (on welfare) and not needy.

What is Kinderzuschlag in Germany?

They want to improve something in Harz 4. This is the locomotive of the SPD election program, which promised to replace the existing system with a new benefit Bürgergeld, which will be newer, better and fairer. The locomotive was on siding for some time due to the pandemic, but now it is being sent back on the road.

New version of 9-euro ticket

The government gleefully congratulated itself on the stunning success of the 9-euro ticket: as much as 3 percent less road transport on the roads.

I especially like the statistics news: in the summer, long-distance trains and planes earned more than last year (however, less than before the pandemic). From this, a stunning conclusion is drawn: of course, thanks to a 9-euro ticket! Do you guys have logic at all? At the same time does not mean due to. The pandemic is over and everyone is on vacation.

These three percent, who decided to travel for (almost) free on public transport, were able to clearly see how lousy it works and how it is not a transport for everyone. The pathetic three percent was enough for the system to practically collapse.

I, in general, already knew this, thanks for regular using, but nevertheless I did a stupid thing in the end by going with my three sons and their friend to the zoo in Stuttgart.
At first I was told that this boy’s 9-euro mobile ticket, that I received from his mothere, could not be transferred to other people. That is, if mom bought it, then dad should, apparently, take her phone with him. And I has to buy another 9-euro ticket for the boy. Does anyone who came up with this actually have kids?
On the way back, we stumbled upon hourly delays of all trains. A huge crowd of people ran from platform to platform in accordance with the indications of the board. The train did not come, and everyone ran to the next platform. Then they began to show two platforms – a train came to one and immediately left half empty, while everyone ran to it.
As a result, after two hours of such fun, I found myself with the children in different carriages without the opportunity to cross. Fortunately, my elder’s son had his head on the right place, as also the mobile phone. But they had to run away from the controller – I have the tickets.
In Heilbronn we were met by a bus instead of a tram: a small bus twice an hour instead of a two-car long tram, always full at rush hour, 4 times an hour. On the way, I heard young people discussing public transport: “Never in my life.”

However, to deepen and expand the topic, the government has given birth to a new idea: 49 euros for a monthly ticket for local transport or 69 euros for the whole of Germany. They want to pay in half with the federal lands, which can be a lid on the coffin of this idea. Because the lands, of course, are for a 9-euro ticket, they only want to have it at the expense of the federal government. By the way, Bayern is already against it.

If only one transport networt costs 49 euros, then this is not much cheaper than a regular monthly ticket (we currently have 56 euros). If we are talking about the entire federal state, then the benefit, of course, is greater, but there are fewer people who need such a ticket. For casual travelers, no one has canceled the more favorable tickets of the federal state and special tickets of transport network.

Therefore, I still don’t really understand the disputes, there are not such gigantic amounts as with a 9-euro ticket. For most it will look like this:
– I already pay almost the same for a monthly ticket
– I can’t afford to pay 50 euros a month anyway
– for 50 euros I can travel by car perfectly than hang out in transport for 40 minutes more, endure its delay and also walk in any weather

Of course, if someone travels to work for an hour and a half by train, this ticket will bring him significant relief – Deutsche Bahn abonement ticket are decent.

Tax shifts

The tax scale will be tweaked slightly so that those who earn less money get more money in their hands.

Midi-job (this is the one that is between a mini-job and a fully taxable salary, with slight relief in social expenses) will be increased to 2,000 euros per month.

Works with small salary: What is nebenberuflich, freiberuflich, ehrenamtlich, gewerblich

Employers are offered to pay employees 3,000 euros of a tax-free bonus. This bonus is non-binding, so don’t expect too much. During the pandemic, there was the same offer of 1,500 euros. I don’t know how anyone, but we didn’t see this bonus at all, and we had a state organisation. Probably the big corporations will give something, but the majority will be left with nothing. In addition, I suspect that this is a kind of Elterngeld – it is not taxed, but we enter it into the declaration and then we must pay for it.

Homeoffice Pauschale want to leave on a permanent basis and improve. Which we, of course, welcome. Before there was no fairness and equality in this matter.

Home office tax deduction in German tax return

They promise to deduct the entire amount of pension contributions from the taxable amount, which will bring you giant money in the amount of about one thousandth of your annual income plus minus five euros (that is, with an annual income of 65 thousand, you will receive approximately 65 euros)

Pension in Germany

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I would say that aid is not even close to catching up with losses. Taking a thousand, not 500 euros from an ATM, becomes a routine, and not an event before a vacation.

It is noteworthy that once again they forgot about small entrepreneurs. The number of leased and sold small office and retail space in the places where I visit is only growing. Self-employed people with no employees or few employees continue to go bankrupt. By the way everything is arranged in the tax and bureaucratic scheme, I see only one thought: small entrepreneurs are not a wellcome. They pay little or no taxes, let them go bankrupt and go to work for someone else. The labor market is doing well.

The second thing that many people talk about is that the idea of taking extra money from energy companies benefiting from the crisis is framed badly and very loosely. But it is still too early to talk about something, since the European bureaucracy must have its say.

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