Kündigungsfrist, or How not to postpone the moment of a happy parting

Last Updated on June 2, 2021

Competition and crisis are severe and make everyone get out as best they can and cut the sheep, that is, you and me.

When concluding any contract, always look under what conditions you can refuse it. Even if we are talking about some kind of promotion, like “ProbeBahnCard 25” or AmazonPrime for month, remember – free cheese often lies in a mousetrap. After all, they want to get you for a long time, and preferably forever. Do you want this?

Kündigungsfrist is what interests us in the contract. This is the period for which you must warn your landlord / bank / whoever provides you services that you no longer need it. This applies to various areas. Examples I came across:

Rent – 3 months term, established by law. In order for the month in which the written notice is sent to be counted, the landlord must receive it no later than the third working day of the month (Saturday is also counted).

Lawyer’s insurance contract (providing lawyer services in case of road accidents) – 3 months in advance. This is important for those drivers from “third countries” who do not yet have driving experience in Germany and are often forced to do this insurance.

Trial AmazonPrime – do not forget to uncheck the option to automatically renew the service on a paid basis in your profile.

ProbeBahnCard 25 – do not forget to cancel the automatic renewal of the service a few weeks before the end of the term.

When concluding contracts with electricity and telephony suppliers, do not seek to choose the cheapest and most favorable tariff – look at the frist, it can be 2 (!) Years. They, of course, promise that they will go after you with their services to any corner of Deutschland, but they do not know that you can go much further beyond its borders.

Withdrawing money more than a certain amount or terminating a bank agreement – depending on the agreement, 1-3 months. When closing an account, it is best and easiest to transfer the amount to another account.

Verein – very often three months before the end of the contract, which may be the month of joining the Verein, or the end of the calendar year.

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