Middle Rhine: from lake Constance to Koblenz

Topics on the German part of the Rhine from Basel to Koblenz: old towns, castles, imperial cathedrals.

From lake Constance to Basel
Stein am Rhein
Rhine Falls
Around Basel (planned)
Basel (planned)
Southern and High Black Forest map (planned)

From Basel to Mainz
Attractions of Black Forest (Schwarzwald). 1. From Altensteig to Gengenbach
Black Forest what to see. 2. From Gengenbach to Wildkirch
North Black Forest. What to see map
Baden-Baden rose garden
Technik museum Speyer
Schwetzingen. Cherry blossom garden
What to see in Heidelberg
Castle Road (Burgenstrasse). 1. Neckar cycle route Mannheim – Eberbach
Weinheim Old town

Around Frankfurt am Main. Rhine valley
Castles on the Middle Rhine on the map. 1. From Rüdesheim to Bacharach
Rhine castles from Kaub to Koblenz and Lorelei rock
Moselle: Castle Eltz, Cochem and Trier attractions
Attractions around Frankfurt am Main, along the Rhine to Koblenz
Rhine valley boat tours, public transport and welcome cards

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