Test Leben in Deutschland (Orientierungstest). History

The Test Leben in Deutschland only takes the history of the 20th century, starting with the coming to power of the National Socialists, mainly the problems of nazism, the results of World War II, the division and reunification of Germany. I think most of us remember this topic quite well from school education, so the a few tips that you need to know for the test.

But there are a lot of questions to this thema, therefore I divide it in two parts: before / during WW II and after the war.

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All deductible expenses in German tax return. 1. Außergewöhnliche Belastungen

When I ask those who already understand something in German and have lived in Germany for more than one year why they prefer to pay a tax consultant instead of filling out a tax return on their own, I am told that
1. there are no previous tax return as a sample and
2. they never know what deductible expenses there are – what if they miss out on some possible returns?

As answer on the second point, I decided to collect all possible deductible expenses in Germany.

But there is one thing, that you must know before we begin with the list: many of these expenses can be deducted only if they cross a certain border, and this border is rather big. This border is named Außergewöhliche Belastungen.

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Difference between beziehungsweise, respektive, entsprechend


This topic is about words with meaning “respectively” and “accordingly” – difference between beziehungsweise, respektive, entsprechend.

It was difficult, to out how to translate “respectively” in a sentence like “you can get to Niesen und Stockhorn with a train – stations Mülenen and Erlenbach, respectively.” Dictionaries usually pay much attention the meaning of “accordingly, in accordance with something”

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German income tax declaration. Elster online. Introduction

German income tax declaration is named Steuererklärung. From tax return for 2019 the main part (Mantelbogen) of the German income tax declaration has changed significantly. And this was the last year when it was possible to fill in the tax return in the PC version of the official Elster tax program. Now you must use Elter Online.

In this thread, I will begin to consider filling out the declaration in the online version of Elster.

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Leben in Deutschland test. 3-2. Parties in Germany, communal level

For Leben in Deutschland test you must know about three power in Germany: legislative, executive and judikative. There is a schema in the part 3-1. This part 3-2 is about communal level, parties and Leben in Deutschland test questions to this topic.

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Leben in Deutschland test. 3. Political system and elections

We continue to study basic knowledge of German politics and laws for Leben in Deutschland test. This part covers a lot of information about the structure of power and elections, so I divided it into 2 entries.

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