Stumbling blocks

Last Updated on October 10, 2023

They are called stumbling blocks – Stolpersteine. And this is really so: you suddenly notice them, raising your leg for the next step.

You stumble and stop to once again remember how often man is a wolf to man. About how easy calls to a strong power and shouts about a “special” path, “special” moral qualities or a “special” faith of their people turn into wars and atrocities – in past, present and, unfortunately, future, because not everyone is ready remember.

Stolpersteine / stumbling blocks

The project was started back in 1992 by artist Gunther Demnig to remind people of the fate of the victims of Nazism: Jews, Roma, sick people, political opponents.

Small, ten by ten centimeters, stones are mounted in front of the houses where these people lived and from where they were sent to concentration camp, fled or where they were killed.

The aim of the project is to give them names back, to make them closer to us. State monuments to faceless victims do not fulfill this function. The study of the archives and the retrieval of names are often undertaken by schoolchildren with the support of the town hall.

Let us remember and do not pass by.

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