North Black Forest. What to see map

Sights of the North Black Forest on the map. There are mainly resort and semi-resort towns with thermal pools, relatively low (compared to the High Black Forest), but rather steep hills.

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Around Stuttgart
Alsace. Part 1
Middle Black Forest. Part 1

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Black Forest what to see. 2. From Gengenbach to Wildkirch

Black Forest what to see in the middle part from Gengenbach to Waldkirch. This is a heart of Black Forest, with the most interesting sights.

Maps around
North – Part 1 of the Sights in the Middle Black Forest
East – Swabian Alb
South – High and Southern Black Forest
West – Elsass

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Attractions of Black Forest (Schwarzwald). 1. From Altensteig to Gengenbach

Map of the Middle Black Forest, from Altensteig to Gengenbach. There are two cards in the topic.

Adjacent maps:
Nord Black Forest Sights
East – Swabian Alb
South Part 2 From Gengenbach to Waldkirch, South Black Forest Sights
West – Elsass. Part 1

enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

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Baden-Baden rose garden

Baden-Baden Rosengarten

Baden-Baden rose garden is called Rosenneuheitengarten – that is, rose’s novelties.

There is a garden above the Kurpark – straight from the Kurpark along the street, a rather steep climb. It is very difficult to get there by car along some strange narrow road. There is probably some more “human” road there, but newcomers to this city will have a lot of emotions trying to get to the garden and parks. You can park along the street near the garden, although this is not indicated anywhere. However, there are a lot of people who wish, and free places fly away immediately.

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Black Forest (Schwarzwald). Schiltach

Schiltach Schwarzwald

Preparing for the travel I rated for myself Schiltach as “a particularly picturesque city” from the descriptions and photographs. Reality confirmed it: Schiltach is indeed a very picturesque town, very half-timbered and very floral. Unfortunately, we got into a break and did not go to the pharmacy museum, but we had a wonderful walk und visited another museum.

The town is located at the confluence of two rivers. To complete the picture, some kind of castle is missing. The castle was, but it is all over. There is only the castle hill, a covered wooden bridge and ruins remained – the rest was sold for building materials at the end of the 18th century.

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Bad Teinach Zavelstein Crocus fields

Bad Teinach Zavelstein

Once the inhabitants of the small town Zavelstein thought about the fact that the use of the land kills wild crocuses, and decided to fix it. First, they fenced off a piece of the fiel. Then they achieved that almost the entire field near their village fell under protection. They did not give it away for the construction of houses, did not build a nursing home, did not plow it up for rapeseed. But simply guarded so that once a year you could look at purple fields.

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