Maggia Valley

Before the trip, I managed to find very little information about the Maggia Valley and we spent one day at Locarno, which I constantly regretted later. Who knows when to return to this region, and the Maggia Valley is really extremely interesting.

Compared to any of the three valleys, Locarno is just an average city, not too historical, not too beautiful. So that you do not repeat my mistake, I am telling you what you can see in the Maggia Valley

Valle Maggia is in fact three valleys: Bavona, Rovana and Lavizzara.

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Centovalli Railway

Honestly, initially Centovalli railway was listed somewhere in the last places in the programm, since the photos did not make much of an impression. And we took the train only because after a short pause in the Verzasca Valley it started raining and was not going to stop. However, the views turned out to be amazing (at least in the rain) and the trip is highly recommended.

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Ascona / Locarno. 2. Island Brissago

On the lakes of Italy and in Ticino, there are many former villas with gardens created by their wealthy owners and opened to the public after their death. There are also just parks without villas. In the vicinity of Locarno, lovers of parks and gardens can see: the camellia park in Locarno (it makes sense only during the flowering season), the tea plantation in Ascona, the botanical garden on the Brissago island, the botanical garden in Gambarogno.

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Lake Maggiore. Locarno and Ascona


For several years we looked for the possibility of going to Ticino, and finally it worked out and travelled to Locarno.

Accommodation in this region is very, very difficult, unless you go there in winter. We decided to go to Maggiore at the end of September, when schoolchildren and students return to their textbooks, families with small children prefer warm seas in the Indian summer and only European pensioners remain.

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