Riddle in German. Do you know what is Vokuhila…

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Ami, Hirni, Gymi, Godi, Reli, Öffi…

Or, here are a few simpler words: Hundi, Kindi, Kuli, Hausi … And now it is more clear what exactly they meant?

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While having a tendency for indecently long words, Germans also have an understandable tendency for abbreviations. Some of them break the brain for a while, others are funny, and others cannot be decoded without Google.

Lately, AHA-L-A has been popping up everywhere. I just broke my head, what is L and the second A. Think a little, the answer will be at the end.


Pappi (Vati), Mami, Hundi, Pampi, Kindi (Kindergarten), Mausi, Schatzi, Nudis (Nudeln), supi (super), Sweeties, Welli (Wellensittich, budgerigars), Lolli (Lollipop) refer to the language of children and the family, and in this case it is a diminutive construct.

Hausi (Hausaufgabe), Reli (Religion), Gymi (Gymnasium), Kuli (Kugelschreiber)  belong to the school language.

But adults, no less than children, like to save time.

Öffi(s) — Öffentliches Nahverkehrsmittel

Soli — Solidaritätszuschlag (tax for western lands in favor of eastern)

Everyone knows Ossi (Ostdeutsche), Wessi (Westdeutsche), Nazi, Stasi (Staatssicherheitsdienst). And there is also:

Sozi — socialist or social democrat
Zivis — one who is engaged in Zivildienst (community service)
Abi — Abitur
Azubi — Auszubildende (trainee)
Amis — Amerikaner
Hirni (hirnloser Mensch) — stupid (dumb)

Cooking lovers know Spüli (Spülmaschine), Käsi (Käsekuchen), Kühli (Kühlschrank), Knofi / Knobi (Knoblauch), Kapü (Kartoffelpüree).

In the restaurant you can find Rösti (Röstkartoffel), in the shop Pulli (Pullover), and in the pharmacy Defi (Defibrillator).

At the hairdresser’s they will make you Vokuhila – vorne kurz, hinten lang

Even the church does not stand aside: here you can find Godi (Gottesdienst) and Konfi (those who have confirmation).

Wise Google will give that Labbi is a Labrador, Läppi – Laptop, and Wama and Schwiema – a washing machine and mother-in-law, respectively.

And I’m not talking about the usual Oma, Opa, Krimi, Akku, Abo, Demo, Deo, Doku, Reha, Limo, Deko, Mofa, Mayo, Uni...

And now the hit of the season AHA-L-A: Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske, Lüften, App (Corona-WarnApp)

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