Lake Garda North

Garda Arco

Lake Garda North is very beautiful: the lake is narrow, the banks are high, and the water is emerald. It is the best choice for hikers and surfers.

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Lake Garda South
West shore
Lake Garda. Orientation

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Lake Garda East side

Garda East Malcesine

The most popular destinations on Lake Garda East side are Garda and Malcesine.

From Bardolino to the north, the mountains begin to rise gradually. In the Garda they are still small, in Torri they are already of a decent height. Each village offers hiking and cycling trails of varying difficulty in these mountains.

Starting from Torri, the proposed accommodation is often high above the lake level.

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Lake Garda. Orientation

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is large. Its northern and southern parts are very different, and getting from one end to the other is not so easy: the roads are slow and crowded. In the north there is more nature and walking, in the south – tourist sights and entertainment.

In this topic, a general orientation: roads, transport and the most famous sights so that you can decide where rent a hotel.

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Lake Garda. What to see in Sirmione

Sirmione Garda lake

The old part of Sirmione is a busy and overcrowded very small old town surrounded by walls. What to see in Sirmione? There are a fortress, Roman ruins, a thermal pool and an ancient water source for it, and one special beach. Picturesque, but tiring, it’s more suitable for excursions than for recreation.

The place with healing waters was used as a resort even by the Romans. The next generations were not so smart and valued the protective function more. In the 19th century, tourism was rediscovered. And now the tourist plan is clearly being overfulfilled.

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