Separable verbs in German

Separable verbs in German are not so difficult, but they require constant attention, even for those who already speak German well and this makes the rule difficult. In addition to the basic rule, let’s also consider how (in)separable verbs combinations with noun, pronoun, adjective are written (Rad fahren, kennenlernen, leidtun, wieder sehen / wiedersehen, etc.).

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Negation in German

What is the difference between kein and nicht? Are nicht and nein the same thing? And how else can negation be expressed in German? Let’s talk about negation in German.

Over the years, my answer “nein” has often been followed up with a nicht? , so I already managed to completely get confused when what is used. Let’s start by answer on the questions.

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German idioms about lie, nonsense, boasting

Every day we meet lies – lies with bad intentions or to embellish reality. This means that there is also a large group of German idioms about lie, nonsense and boasting. They have a lot in common with the idioms about stupidity and madness that we collected in the previous post.

Expressions in bold are those that are included in the lists of frequently occurring or met me personally in the texts.

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