Basic German with tables. 2. Articles in German

Nouns are used with articles in German: definite (der, die, das) or indefinite (ein, eine, ein) in the certain form. Articles are declined by gender, grammatical number (definite only), and case.

Basic German with tables. 3. Local prepositions
Basic German grammar tables 1
Basic German. 4. Time and prepositions of time in German
German synonyms. öffnen – offen – aufmachen
Words excavations. Weihnachen
Deutschtest für Zuwanderer. Dialogues

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Anki for German language. 1. Studying

For ten years I have tried different word memory programs. The main problem was that I was not satisfied with the translation “word to word”. For German language it’s simply not enough. Only at the very first stages of learning you can use “naked” word without article and forms.

The advantages of Anki are its amazing flexibility. The disadvantage is the necessity to understand, how it works, if you want something more. However, everything is not complicated and is quite accessible for most users. The most detailed description of the program is given in English.

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