New heating law in Germany

New heating law in Germany Heating pump

The new heating law in Germany (in the media Heizungsgesetz, also known in full as Gebäudeenergiegesetzes, or, according to the German habit of abbreviating, GEG) was adopted with great noise and bang. Now the dust has settled a little and we can see what was born as a result. I must say that the worst thing is for those who need to decide right now, next year. Everyone else can save money, watch how others accumulate experience in use, and hope for the German bureaucracy, which will repeatedly delay the deadline. However, there is a risk that while you wait, the government will cancel compensation for reinstalling the heating system. Energy experts are definitely benefiting from the situation: instead of a bakery, we have an energy office that has moved into the entire first floor, which has suddenly become cramped in the old premises.

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Description of a person’s appearance in German. 3. How to avoid repetition in essay

German language, with its very fixed order, requires special attention to repeating of the beginning of a sentence. Here we will look, how to avoid repetition in essay in German. Also, in any essay in any language, it is very important not to repeat verbs. In describing appearance, the verb “to have” is too active. Therefore, let’s explore alternative verbs and constructions.

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Past tense in German. Perfect and preterite

The past tense in German is covered almost entirely by only two tenses – Perfekt and Präteritum. It’s a master skill if you master the Plusquamperfekt, but in reality, 100 percent of the time you can avoid it. In this topic, we will look at
how the perfect and the preterite differ from each other,
when they use haben or sein in the perfect,
and at the end we will give tables of irregular verbs by group.

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Around Stuttgart

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Freiberufler in Germany: how to fill in Anlage S and Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung

In the topic “Part-time work in Germany” it was told about different forms of work, including “free” professions, that is, Freiberufler in Germany. People with free professions can work both full-time and nebenberuflich (that is, no more than a third of a full-time job), be employees or self-employed.

Now let’s learn how to inform the Finanzamt about the “free” activity and how to fill in Anlage S and Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung.

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Middle Rhine: from lake Constance to Koblenz

Topics on the German part of the Rhine from Basel to Koblenz: old towns, castles, imperial cathedrals. From lake Constance to BaselStein am RheinRhine FallsAround Basel (planned)Basel (planned)Southern and High Black Forest map (planned) From Basel to MainzAttractions of Black Forest (Schwarzwald). 1. From Altensteig to GengenbachBlack Forest what to see. 2. From Gengenbach to … Read more

Books for 3-4 grade (in German library)

What to take your child to the library (in German in our case) is a hot topic for parents. It is good if the child reads actively, but if you have a boy or, as in my case, a boy, a boy and one more boy, then the task of not only teaching reading, but getting reading has a new level.

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Describe appearance of a person in German. Body and clothing

We continue to describe appearance of a person in German. In the first part, it was about the head, but the appearance is most often not exhausted by it. We turn to the length and width and other characteristics of the body and clothing.

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