What is Haftpflichtversicherung. Liability insurance in Germany

Liability insurance in Germany is highly recommended. This insurance is called private Haftpflichtversicherung (or Privathaftpflichtversicherung). Do not confuse it with Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung – liability insurance for drivers. For drivers, this insurance is mandatory and covers the damage they may cause while driving.

Privataftpflichtversicherung is not obligatory by law, but by common sense. Most people in Germany have it, so this topic is for those who have recently arrived.

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Homeowners association in Germany

When you buy an apartment in a residential complex, especially a new one, all sorts of surprises and interesting things pop up. A homeowners association in Germany is a terrible force and means a lot of nerves in the struggle for ideal housing.

If you rent an apartment in such a complex, you need to ask in advance what restrictions the homeowners association imposes on residents and what expenses the owner transfers to the tenant.

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Ticino attractions

Impressive mountains, Mediterranean vegetation in the gardens, laid out by talanted gardeners, ancient villages hidden in gorges and luxurious life on lakes, severe fortresses guarding the approaches to ancient passes – all this is Ticino. Lake Lugano:5 best viewpoints of Lake LuganoLake Lugano. 2. Lugano, Gandria, Melide, CaronaLake Lugano. 3. Morcote, Caslano Lake Maggiore:Lake Maggiore. … Read more

Bavaria: German Alps

In the Bavarian Alps, one top attraction stands next to another. Good transport accessibility is another added bonus. It also means that there are usually a lot of tourists. Bavaria. What to do in Allgäu mapUpper Bavaria Map of attractions Around Füssen:Schwangau. 1. Neuschwanstein castle, Hohenschwangau, AlpseeSchwangau. Füssen. Around Neuschwanstein CastleAround Innsbruck. From Reutte to … Read more

Who can apply for German citizenship

Who can apply for German citizenship / Wer kann deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit beantragen

In this topic we will collect information about who can apply for German citizenship.

In autumn, they talked a lot about easing the conditions for obtaining citizenship – they say, smart people should be lured to Germany. It is likely that some of these proposals will still be accepted, since there are no enough children, and someone needs to feed the retired baby boomer generation.

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SS or ß in German

The rule ss or ß in German changed a lot during the 1996-2006 reform. ß used to be written much more often. And now in poorly checked digital dictionaries and other places you can sometimes find old spellings or both spellings. The Germans themselves often confuse which letter to write.

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Secondary schools in Bavaria

We continue to consider where to go after elementary school in Germany. Next is education system in Bavaria. Secondary schools in Bavaria have retained the stricter education system as in other German lands.

Rheinland Pfalz education system
Education system in Baden-Württemberg
Secondary school in Berlin – Brandenburg
4th grade. Gymnasium or Realschule?
Gymnasium. First year
School supplies in Germany. Notebooks, folders, art lessons

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Part time work in Germany. What does freiberuflich, nebenberuflich, ehrenamtlich, gewerblich, Minijob mean

Part time work in Germany can be: work for the minimum wage (Minijob), in the form of a small individual business or work on honorar. You can earn extra money while having a main paid job at the firma, but also a main unpaid job in the family or being a student.

For example, many come up with the idea to somehow monetize their wonderful photos. The entrance to such an activity is very simple – register in the stock and sell. Or work in a Verein, as a tutor, filming events on weekends, babysitting…

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Public transport in Germany

This topic is about how to get the most information from the Deutsche Bahn website, what are the cheapest tickets, how to find regional transport sites and how to buy a ticket, what is written on the board at the station and what the announcements on the train mean. Part 1: Trains in GermanyPart 2: … Read more

Harz mountains

Harz offers a lot of attractions. All of them you will not be able to visit even in two trips. Let’s look what can you visit in the Harz. Harz Map of attractions. Part 1 – from Goslar to Bad SachsaHarz attractions map. From Wernigerode to TilledaBrocken, WurmbergWernigerode old townAround Wernigerode, stalactite cavesQuedlinburg old townThale, … Read more

Land of Salzburg

The land of Salzburg stretches along the valley of the Salzach river to Tyrol. This region is not as famous as the Salzkammergut, but there are some top places worth visiting. Werfen Ice caveHohenwerfen FortressLiechtenstein gorgeWhat to do in Zell am See in summerTennengau, Pongau, Dachstein attractions mapKrimml waterfalls hikeHigh alpine road Grossglockner StrasseSounds of … Read more

Salzkammergut region

The Salzkammergut is a land of lakes and high mountains. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday in nature by the water, with easy hiking trails, boat trips and some cultural attractions, then this is the place for you. Each lake is particular. Salzkammergut best places to visit mapSalzkammergut LakesHallstatt old town – history and … Read more

Emilia Romagna Region

The Emilia Romagna region – a triangle between Bologna, Rimini and Ravenna – is full of attractions, many of which are reachable not only by car, but also by public transport. Here you can spend some pleasant holidays in the “beach + excursionы” format. Torre Pedrera RiminiAround Rimini. Map. What to visitBrisighellaDozza street art and … Read more

Venice and around it

The region around Venice is the Adriatic coast closest to us. These topics are about Lido di Jesolo as a holiday destination and what you can visit during this holiday, starting of course with Venice itself. Lido di Jesolo beach, map and what to doAround Venice and Lido di Jesolo. Map of attractionsAround Venice. Villa … Read more

All about Lake Garda and around it

Lake Garda is very large, its shores are different in character and entertainment, and the roads around it are slow. Therefore, choose a destination in advance – so that you are closer to the places you want to visit. Lake Garda East sideLake Garda SouthLake Garda. What to see in SirmioneLake Garda NorthLake Garda West … Read more

Friuli Venezia Guilia

Favorite destination in Friuli Venezia Giulia – Bibione and Lignano. This is a resort for those who like to roast in the sun and swim all day long. There are also destinations for excursions, and quite a lot, but getting out of the coast to them is not easy. Bibione resort. 1. Beach, how to … Read more

Use: difference between benutzen and verwenden, nutzen, gebrauchen, anwenden

The difference between benutzen and verwenden is even smaller than between benutzen and nutzen, and when gebrauchen is added here, and nützen is suddenly remembered, it will seem difficult to keep in mind all the small differences. Let’s try to go from the inner form.

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Swabian-Alemannic carnival in Rottweil

carnival in Rottweil / Fastnacht in Rottweil

Rottweil is one of the major centers (Hochburg) of the Swabian-Alemannic carnival. This Swabian-Alemannic carnival is a separate form, and for good reason. The differences from the Rhenish carnival are significant: no candy throwing, no moving platforms, no “guards” in miniskirts, but masks actively pester the audience.

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Child with speech delay – where you can find help. Speech therapist in Germany

So, you were able to convince the pediatrician that your child needs help. In this topic, more about speech therapists in Germany, how to find them, what methods they use, and what other specialists will help you. Read more about speech delay in parts 1-3.

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What’s new in Germany 2023. Social, insurances, medicine

The social sphere will be in the most turbulent state in 2023, because the old social benefits Harz 4 system is being destroyed, but what will appear to replace it will still have to be seen.

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What’s new in Germany 2023. Energy, ecology, finance

We traditionally study what awaits us in 2023 in German laws. In the first part, these are hot energy, financial and environmental topics. In general, life is expected to be a little easier, but sometimes additional environmental fees or social contributions still pop up.

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Help get through the winter

German and international organizations continue to help Ukraine, now especially with generators and other things necessary for life without heat and electricity. Here are the accounts and sites where you can donate money. Donations of things are even less suitable now for large organizations than at the beginning of this horror, but it is always … Read more

Lake Constance attractions

Lake Constance (Bodensee) is one of the most favorite places of vacation. And this is its main drawback for everyone who wants to relax. For those who are not disturbed by the crowds of walking, skating, swimming and eating, there are a lot of advantages: clean water, equipped beaches and thermal pools, water sports and … Read more

Simple Christmas decoration ideas

Expat families often live for several years on suitcases because “the future is uncertain”. And what kind of Christmas decorations are there if the number of things needs to be minimized. However, you can make a lot out of plain paper, scattered little toys, and crafts with a basic set of colored paper, paint, glue, varnish, and glitter, and a day off.

Our decorations started with a mini Christmas tree and paper cutouts. Then came wooden stars and Styrofoam balls, decorated cheap balls. For most deco, what you have at home and what you can find in Müller (or a large hardware or garden center) and a Tedi store is enough.

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Negation in German

What is the difference between kein and nicht? Are nicht and nein the same thing? And how else can negation be expressed in German? Let’s talk about negation in German.

Over the years, my answer “nein” has often been followed up with a nicht? , so I already managed to completely get confused when what is used. Let’s start by answer on the questions.

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All posts about Brittany

Brittany is beautiful coasts, beaches and wild rocks, unusual architecture and traditions that still survive. Oh, this kouign amann and the thinnest pancakes! It took me years to find a decent recipe.Each topic presents places in detail with photos and lists other worthy places nearby with the map. Brittany is a very large region, each … Read more

Who should file a tax return in Germany

Briefly about who should file a tax return in Germany, I wrote in the introduction to the topic on filling out a German income tax return. But there was no answer to the question:
I came in Germany this year
I am employee and have no other income
– should I file a declaration in Germany for this year?

In the list of those who must file a tax return in Germany, there are no fresh arrivals in the country. But my old memories of working for a tax magazine brought to the surface a vague knowledge of tax residency. Let’s try to understand this difficult topic, but first we will find out who is still on the list of those who must file.

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Chestnuts in Germany (Esskastanien, Maronen)

Chestnuts in Germany / Kastanien und Esskastanien und Maronen

Roasted chestnuts are an essential part of Advent. In recent years, chestnuts in Germany have been sold far less than before and prices are incredible. Only Aldi rescues the situation – here you can buy small cheap chestnuts. In southern Germany you can also pick chestnuts in the forest. In this topic – how to distinguish edible chestnuts and how to cook them.

Let’s first understand the difference between Kastanien, Esskastanien and Maronen.

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All posts about Normandy

Normandy is our favorite holiday place. Mighty white rocks, lonely beaches and many sights invite you to come back again and again. Mont Saint Michel AbbeyLower Normandy Map. Manche attractionsLower Normandy. Attractions Calvados and Orne on the mapWhat to see in EtretatFecamp attractionsUpper Normandy tourist attractions. 1. Seine MaritimeUpper Normandy tourist attractions. Rouen region to … Read more

Child expenses in Germany in October 2022

We begin to record the costs of three children in Germany. Age categories: toddler, primary school child, teenager.

Mode of use is economical. A rare budget with three children will survive with all bio. We prefer not bio, but what is called in Germany “nachhaltig” (I don’t meet still good translation: “nachhaltig” means with thinking about nature, without unnecessary).

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German idioms about lie, nonsense, boasting

Every day we meet lies – lies with bad intentions or to embellish reality. This means that there is also a large group of German idioms about lie, nonsense and boasting. They have a lot in common with the idioms about stupidity and madness that we collected in the previous post.

Expressions in bold are those that are included in the lists of frequently occurring or met me personally in the texts.

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And you thought you were being praised. German certificate of employment Arbeitszeugnis

German certificate of employment Arbeitszeugnis is a carefully coded document to be studied with a list of words and expressions.

Knowing the German language fully is not only knowing the words and grammar. Because hints play a huge role in German. They never speak their mind directly. A direct statement is often perceived as aggression, or a threat, or arrogance. This is not surprising, because if, as you will see later, a negative characteristic is hidden under the indication of punctuality, then the mind, looking for subtext everywhere, will see an insult in simple direct criticism.

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Difference between schlimm and schlecht

There is little difference between schlimm and schlecht. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been corrected from schlimm to schlecht. The words are very similar. To this pair we add the words böse, arg, übel.

Difference between beziehungsweise, respektive, entsprechend
German False participles
Difference between achten and beachten, aufpassen, Acht geben
10 best online German dictionaries
Difference between steigen, steigern, erhöhen, erheben, zulegen, zunehmen
30+ idioms in German with meaning astonished

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Hunting in Germany

hunting in germany / was dürfen Jäger

If you have walked at least once in a German forest, you have probably seen more than one “house” with stairs on the edge of forests, copses, along the fields. No, they were not built by nature enthusiasts to observe animals. That is they observe, only then they shoot.

First of all, I am interested in hunting in Germany in relation to non-hunting people, primarily to those who walk – are there any restrictions, how difficult it is to become a hunter?

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German B1 test DTZ. German letter writing B1 samples. Part 6

In the part 6 there are German letter writing B1 samples for DTZ exam on the topics: solving everyday problems and letters to bureaucratic organizations (town hall, insurance, bank, etc.).

These can be about bills, refusals of subscriptions and closing of contracts, complaints about trains and buses (delays). Letters to banks: credit, account opening/closing. Loss of documents (insurance card, driver’s license). Questions about kindergarten or after-school care.

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All about Interlaken (Jungfrau region)

All posts about Interlaken region – around Jungfrau, Top of Europe train and two lakes Jungfrau region MapJungfrau region. 2. Grindelwald, First and train to JungfrauJungfrau region. 4. What to do in Interlaken and on Schynige PlatteJungfrau region. 5. Lake Brienz attractions. Giessbach fallsJungfrau region. 3. Breathtaking Lauterbrunnen valley waterfalls and MürrenJungfrau region. 6. Aare … Read more

Asperger autism symptoms by age. Aspies in Germany

The first two parts were mainly information about the features of Asperger’s syndrome. Now let’s move on to practical advice: what Asperger autism symptoms can be distinguished, what to do with it and what about Aspies in Germany.

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Library in Germany. How to use

When I tell those who have not yet had time to learn the language that the library in Germany is already waiting for them and will be very useful, they usually answer me with round eyes: “I can not find things in the supermarkt, but you are talking about the library.” However, later, when 5-6 years pass, the reaction after the first visit is usually different: “Why didn’t we go earlier?”

10 best online German dictionaries
Secondary school in Berlin – Brandenburg and other federal states
4th grade. Gymnasium or Realschule?
Non-Speaking child. Speech delay treatment in Germany
Bilingual children. 1
School supplies in Germany. 2. Pencils, pens (Füller) and others
German primary school. Deutsch in grades 3-4

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10 best online German dictionaries

If you live in Germany, online German dictionaries are a daily necessity. I think that no one remembers paper dictionaries anymore. The choice, however, is not so rich.

German picture description phrases and sequence
Basic German. 4. Time and prepositions of time in German and other grammar posts
Difference between merken and bemerken and other words for memory and notice and other German synonyms
All posts for #New in Germany
Giving direction essay in German. Wegbeschreibung
Idioms in German with meaning stupidity, madness

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Difference between merken and bemerken and other words for memory and notice

The difference between merken and bemerken is at the formal level, in shades of meaning and in other meanings of these words. Additionally, let’s take the words wahrnehmen, erkennen, sich erinnern, einprägen, memorieren.

As you can easily guess, the root of the word comes from Marke – a mark. Hence all the meanings: made a mark – remembered, made a mark – noticed, made a mark (verbal) – that is, made a remark.

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Grundsteuererklärung – real estate declaration in Germany

The Grundsteuererklärung real estate declaration in Germany, although it took a long time to prepare, does not have good explanations with examples. It took me two weeks to fill out, understand and order the papers.

Each land has its own data requirements, but the main points remain the same for all. I have Baden-Württemberg. I consider the declaration from the point of view of an ordinary owner of apartment, not an investor and not an entrepreneur. Links to official comments on the federal states – in part one Summer surprise. Real estate declaration in Germany.

If you haven’t started filing a real estate declaration yet, do it now. The time is already approaching the middle. The declaration must be submitted by everyone who owns real estate (apartment, house, garage – in whole or in part). Even apartment owners own some land (Grundstück).

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How to change health insurance in Germany

Health insuranse in Germany

We have already found out how the contributions to the state health insurance are formed, who is obliged to have it, and what exactly of the medical services we are paid for, and for which we will have to pay extra. Now let’s find out how to change health insurance in Germany if another insurance promises a lot of free additional services or if the old one does not suit us with its service.

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Rheinland Pfalz education system

Rheinland Pfalz education system are well represented on the local educational website, which can be said not for all federal states. The types of schools are very structured, and it is clear who goes where with what certificate.

Secondary schools in other federal states:
Education system in Baden-Württemberg
Secondary school in Berlin – Brandenburg
4th grade. Gymnasium or Realschule?
Gymnasium. First year

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Basic German. 4. Time and prepositions of time in German

The prepositions of time in German, like the prepositions of place discussed in the previous part, are that mandatory base without which it is difficult to start speaking.

Basic German with tables. 3. Local prepositions
Conjunctions in sentences. Different word order
Basic German with tables. 2. Noun and articles
Betrag or Beitrag, vertragen or ertragen and other members of tragen family
German picture description phrases and sequence

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Attractions in Dresden and around

The attractions near Dresden are no less curious than the city itself: these are natural attractions – the so-called Saxon Switzerland begins here, and palaces, castles, and museums. Dresden attractionsAttractions near Dresden. Bastei rocks, Königstein FortressWhat to see in Saxon Switzerland and Osterzgebirge. MapsWelcome cards and public transport in Dresden and surroundings

Credit cards in Germany

Credit cards in Germany are the second vital issue after Girokonto. Everyone wants to effortlessly buy online or book. But before we plunge into the world of credit cards, let’s see if we can do without them.

What is Girokonto in Germany
Sale of used items (Privatverkauf). Private warranty
What is allowed to do if you are sick without to be fired
German tax refund – What I can claim to return. I-N
Renovation cost in Germany. Who pays

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Asperger Syndrome empathy, speech and emotions

We continue to talk about autistic disorder (Asperger’s syndrome) without the usual clichés. This part is about asperger syndrome empathy, emotions, intelligence and speech. We speak also about Aspie girls – girls adapt better to the social environment, so they are less noticeable and less often diagnosed.

Asperger syndrome empathy, emotions, speech, intelligence

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Betrag or Beitrag, vertragen or ertragen and other members of tragen family

The tragen family is not as numerous as the drucken / drücken family we once analyzed, however, short, similar words often get confused in the mind, especially the sweet couple Betrag or Beitrag.

It can be also interesting
German synonyms. öffnen – offen – aufmachen
Dialogues b1 Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer
Receive: erhalten or bekommen, kriegen, beziehen, erlangen
Conjunctions in sentences. Different word order
Difference between ändern and verändern, verwandeln, wechseln and tauschen

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Prescription in Germany. Red, blue, green prescriptions – when you must pay

What does red prescription in Germany mean? How much do you need to pay extra for medicines and other medical services? What a green prescription is? How to find a medicine in Germany? These questions we answer in this post.

From 2022, the prescription in Germany is issued in electronic form. At least theoretically, there is such a possibility. Whether there is practically this possibility in praxis – one must ask. It will useful in Internet-pharmacies.

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What is Girokonto in Germany

An account in Germany is the most important thing to do after moving, because all current payments here go through an account called Girokonto.

This topic is about what is giroconto, what is important for choosing giroconto, and also about what other accounts there are.

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Picture description in German B1. Deutschtest für Zuwanderer

This thread lists the pictures for picture description in German that people saw in real exams Deutschtest für Zuwanderer (Niveau B1) and that were collected by me on the forums. For the basic principles and useful phrases for picture description, see the first part.

Part 1. German picture description useful phrases

All about DTZ (Deutschtest für Zuwanderer):
Read about German test b1 Deutschtest für Zuwanderer (DTZ).
German Writing for Exam B1: Letters 1, Letters 2, Letters 3, Letters 4, Letters 5, Letters 6
Dialogues for B1 test 1, Dialogues 2
Questions and anworts for the Leben in Deutschland test.

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9-euro public transport ticket and other gifts

Fuel prices are no longer shocking, only evoke grim resignation, and this mood of the herd does not suit the shepherds – because it makes them a suicidal government that is destined to be swept away and trampled into history in the next electoral cycle. Therefore, it is urgently required to spread the straws and add food. Food and straw should be any that are in stock. So the measures to save us from fuel prices are also a little rotten.

Chief among them is the much publicized 9-euro public transport ticket. I kept waiting for it to finally be approved. After all, they might not have accepted it, the measure is doubtful. But the advertising was so wide that it was already impossible not to accept. Therefore recently for the 9-euro ticket finally voted. The pre-sale starts on May 23rd.

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Tax declaration Germany. Anlage EÜR

Filling out Anlage EÜR was not so easy. I once thought that Anlage EÜR is a simple piece of paper with two columns: “Income” and “Expense”. It turned out that this is such a concentrated declaration, where much of what is in a regular declaration is repeated, only in relation to entrepreneurs. Anlage EÜR even has its own applications.

But despite its formidable size, filling out the Anlage EÜR is always presented as the biggest advantage for small entrepreneurs – compared to the dreaded and scary accounting.

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Education system in Baden-Württemberg

Now there are many options for accessing higher education, and it’s good to know about them in advance, especially when you have to choose a school after primary school. Let’s see education system in Baden-Württemberg.

In Germany, each federal state itself determines how its children should study. At first I wanted to make a general overview, but it very quickly turned into a huge lump with sticking out legs of numerous features of this or that land, in which one could get lost already in the first two paragraphs. So let’s go by each federal state separately.

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Asperger’s syndrome without outdated clichés. Part 1

In English-speaking countries, the understanding of what autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are has gone ten years ahead compared to Germany. However, there is progress in Germany as well. Because of Greta Thunberg, the topic of people with Asperger’s syndrome has risen to the top, and many German articles have appeared explaining what it is and how to live with it. Books are gradually being translated, adequate diagnostics are already available. However, many psychologists and especially educators know about the problem very superficially and approximately.

In this thread: what is Asperger’s Syndrome in a brief form and without outdated clichés and what can you do in Germany.

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What is selbstständig, Unternehmer, Honorar, Firma in Germany

What is selbstständig and how does it differ from Unternehmen? Selbstständig in Germany is an individual entrepreneur with a small business, as opposed to Unternehmen with a bunch of employees? Freiberufler is a freelancer or not only? And if I work for a Honorar – am I a Freiberufler? Let’s take a look at the statuses.

What is Öffentliche Dienst
Part time work in Germany. What does freiberuflich, nebenberuflich, ehrenamtlich, gewerblich, Minijob mean
Credit cards in Germany
German tax return. Anlage WA-Est
Home office tax deduction in German tax return
All tax deductions (in German income tax declaration)

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German picture description phrases and sequence

Having dealt with letters examples and dialogue topics for b1 test, we move on to the next topic – German picture description phrases for DTZ. The picture description is called Bildbeschreibung. This task is used in the exam up to level B1, then something more substantial is usually used, like a diagram or graph.

In the Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer (DTZ) exam, the picture must be described after the story about yourself and before the dialogue. There is no special time for preparation. But the task is not unnecessarily difficult. The pictures are simple, do not imply a deep description of every smallest detail and are rather an excuse for a short discussion of one of the simple everyday topics.

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German holidays in April, May, Juny. Ostern, Maifest and Fronleichnam and others between

April, May and Juny in Germany are rich in various holidays and additional days off. Especially happy are Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. They have still additional Pentecost school holidays.

Other German holidays
Feasts in Germany. December – January
Carnival vocabulary
Saint Martin Feast. Songs
DIY lanterns for Saint Martin feast. 4. “Drums” and “Houses”
What is Besen?

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Summer surprise. Real estate declaration in Germany

Did you think that the annual entertainment with the German income declaration is more than enough for you? By the way, you can find by me how to fill it out.
This year the state decided that the fun should be extended. If you own any real estate, from July to October you must file a Real estate declaration about it.

Read futher how to fill out Grundsteuererklärung – real estate declaration in Germany

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Sale of used items (Privatverkauf). Private warranty

Once I met in an ad for the sale of used items a postscript about private warranty in large letters and with exclamation marks: “In accordance with EU law, every private seller must write that returns and replacements are not made and nothing is guaranteed.” Since I have not met with such a duty, I decided to investigate this issue.

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Anki pronunciation add-on

You don’t usually need pronunciation for German, but it’s actuell for other languages. Anki pronunciation add-on gives you the ability to add pronunciation quickly and effortlessly.

All posts about Anki
Part 1. Studying
Part 2. Editing a deck and notes
Part 3. Creating new notes
Part 4. Editing templates
Part 5. Сloze with typing

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Aufmachen or öffnen or offen or eröffnen


To this day, every time I have to ask when an institution or store is open, I am agonizingly unsure which word to use. Aufmachen, öffnen or offen or geöffnet? Or, to be sure, just auf? What difference between öffnen and eröffnen?

Also aufschlagen, andrehen, aufschließen can mean “open closed”. Let’s start with them, so as not to get in the way.

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Help for people from Ukraine

I collected information for help. If you have something to add, write.

I want to note that this is a tragedy not only for those who have lost their homes or loved ones, although it is the hardest for them, but also for millions of people of both nationalities around the world. You can at least help by not inciting hatred and spreading prejudice. Many do not know anymore if they will ever see their relatives and friends.

Information about helping in different countries, including Germany

Accommodation in Berlin
Haus 2
Oranienburger Str. 285
13437 Berlin

Station „Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik“ underground U8 or train S25.

Arrival Center Addresses (see Ankunftzentrum): https://www.bamf.de/DE/Behoerde/Aufbau/Standorte/standorte-node.html

Addresses for refugees in Stuttgart, unfortunately, all together, don’t know which address should come first https://fluechtlinge.stuttgart.de/item/show/609021

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Deutschtest für Zuwanderer b1 (DTZ). German writing examples 5

German writing examples for DTZ b1

We continue to study possible subjects of letters for the DTZ B1. This time we need to communicate with school, courses or social or sport club (Verein).

Read about German writing examples B1 level test Deutschtest für Zuwanderer (DTZ).
Letters 1, Letters 2, Letters 3, Letters 4, Letters 5, Letters 6
Dialogues for B1 test 1, Dialogues 2
German picture description phrases and sequence
Picture description in German B1. Deutschtest für Zuwanderer
Everything about the #Orientierungstest (Test Leben in Deutschland) is here.

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Giving birth in Germany

Finally we got to the decisive stage of pregnancy – giving birth in Germany. This part is about what things to take with you to hospital, about the labor induction in Germany, pain relief and anesthesia for giving birth and time in the hospital after giving birth.

Part 1 Pregnancy in Germany. 1. Problems before pregnancy
Part 2 Pregnancy check up in Germany. Testing and monitoring
Part 3 Pregnancy in Germany. 3. What is hebamme, how to find her and what is Mutterpass

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Carnival in Germany

carnival in Germany / Karneval in Deutschland Fasching

Carnival in Germany – Faschingsumzug or Fastnachtsumzug – a favorite entertainment not only for children, but also for adults. Carnivals are not held in all German cities, usually larger or tourist ones in western and southwestern Germany.

The largest (most visited) are carnivals in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Mainz.

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Difference between steigen, steigern, erhöhen, erheben, zulegen, zunehmen


Increase, raise, rise – there is not one, but several rows of synonyms at once. Let’s search difference between steigen and steigern, erhöhen and erheben, zulegen and zunehmen

First look at steigen, steigern, erhöhen. All of them suppose changing the level.

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Gymnasium in Germany. First year

Of course, a covid year can hardly be called normal learning, so it is rather difficult to objectively assess grade 5 in the Gymnasium in Germany.

My comments concern a boy with normal grades (official tested as above average). That is, we project onto weaker children for the worse. By the end of the post, you will understand why most children need a private tutor.

So far, the diagnosis is as follows:

Deeply outdated education from 19th. century, with a mass of unnecessary information, based on the message “learn by heart” rather than “think”, which they are afraid to reform like a sacred cow, for some reason assuming that the gymnasium gives a good education, and if they touch it, then everything will fall apart.

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What is new in Germany 2022

Let’s see what awaits us in the new 2022.

There are changes in social, pension and tax calculations that do not depend on the will of the average person – the tax scale changes slightly, the tax-free base increases, the pension scale is moving, and so on, so I will not consider them.

First, about what did not fall into the category. On May 15, a selective census of the population will take place – it was postponed due to pandemic.

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Secondary school in Berlin – Brandenburg

What secondary school is it better to choose in Berlin-Brandenburg? In this post about education system in Berlin and Brandenburg federal states

The rules are different in these federal states, but since a significant number of the Brandenburg population is concentrated around Berlin, we will consider them together. Attending a school in another federal state is possible subject to availability (the rules are hier).

For more transparency the states have different color. The brighter the color, the higher the education

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Giving direction essay in German. Wegbeschreibung

Giving direction essay in German (Wegbeschreibung) pops up in the school several times in different grades and at different levels. Not all teachers decide to write this essay, some take it verbally. And in VERA in grade 3, too, there was a similar task.

The training method is very simple: we open a map of the area, a city plan (for example tourist plan from tourist office) and ask to give direction from and to.

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How system kills blogging

On my sites you will see a nasty full page ad that requires you to agree to cookies. I know it got you. It got me too. But I have no other choice as the European data protection law is written in such a way that it requires you to actively, not passively, consent to cookies. That is, you must press the button yourself. In doing so, it requires:

– so that absolutely all cookies are registered. And this is statistics, newsletters, services from WordPress like contact forms, advertising statistics and even fonts, etc. etc.

– so that you can refuse both all together, and from each separately

– so you can change your mind

– so that all these services, except for those that completely destroy the site, are disabled until you agree.

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German festivals in December – January

Drei Könige Feste in Deutschland im Dezember Advent / Festivals in Germany in December

​​Christmas in Europe is a special time. A Christmas market, trees and decorations, Christmas carols … But all this you find not on Christmas itself, but earlier – on Advent. From December 23 to January 27, Europe is not the best place to visit: just before Christmas, everyone completely empties the store shelves and lies at the bottom: long weekends, no one works, except gas station, Donners and a few restaurants. The interval between Christmas and New Year and after the New Year is the time of sales of old clothing collections. And immediately after January 6, the holidays are completely over: the lights and the trees are removed.

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Joint building ventury (Baugemeinschaft)

The joint building ventury Baugemeinschaft is a popular form of organizing the construction of apartment buildings in Germany.

Summer surprise. Real estate declaration in Germany
Germany apartments search. Decoding ads
Fighting condensation and mold in Germany
How to sort waste in Germany – what waste is going where
Renovation cost in Germany. Who pays

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Christmas cookies in Germany

Christmas cookies in Germany / Weihnachten Plätzchen

This post is for those who have just met the fanaticism of Christmas cookies in Germany and don’t know where to start. You can easily find a couple of hundred cookie-themed recipes on the Internet, here are the most basic ones for beginners.

As soon as the children go to the kindergarten, the kindergarten and school “tribute” begin. For St. Martin, to sell at the Christmas market, to fundraise for the trip, for Basteltag, for the pre-Christmas breakfast in the garden, for the school Christmas breakfast, for Easter …

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