German idioms about lie, nonsense, boasting

We continue to study German idioms by topic. Before we looked at stupidity and madness. They have a lot in common with the German idioms about lie, nonsense and boasting, which are collected in this post. Then we move on to the positives – accuracy and truthfulness.

Expressions in bold are those that are included in the lists of frequently occurring or met me personally in the texts.

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Idioms in German with meaning stupidity, madness. 2. Modern expressions

Several additionally found idioms in German with meaning stupidity from modern books and blogs. They have not yet entered the dictionaries, and probably not all will. But the frequency can be high as they are in vogue now.

I chose more interesting idioms, but did not take the more offensive ones.

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Idioms in German with meaning stupidity, madness. Part 1

The dignity of a person never collects so many idioms, full of artistic images, as swearing. Opportunity to unburden himself, especially expressively stigmatizing the mental abilities of the opponent, is dear to everyone.

And native speakers of German have made a big contribution to this topic. During the collection of the material, I thought that I would drown under the number of expressions. Frequency is often difficult to determine. I didn’t take outdated ones. Found in texts and included in the popular lists are in bold.

Stupidity can be lack of intelligence, insanity, misunderstanding and error. Let’s start with the first and second, since the border between them is not very clear.

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30+ idioms in German with meaning astonished

In this part I collect German idioms (Redewendungen) expressing surprise and astonish.

Expressions that are noted as “common” in sources or that I have come across in books are printed in bold. usg. – umgangssprachlich (colloquial)

It can be interesting:
German synonyms. öffnen – offen – aufmachen
Carnival vocabulary
Anki for German language. 1. Studying
Orientierungstest. 3. Political system and elections
German. False participles

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Idioms in German with meaning talk too much, too little

We continue our German idioms list from field “talking”. This group with expression “talk too much or too little” is too big, therefore I made a separate post for them.

Idioms in German with meaning talk – Part 1
German synonyms. Difference between achten and beachten, aufpassen, Acht geben
Bilingual children
Conjunctions in sentences. Different word order
Basic German with tables. 3. Local prepositions
Others German idioms lists – see #idioms in german.

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German idioms about talking

Idioms are one of the most interesting and difficult parts of a foreign language. Some are briefly mentioned in textbooks but more often ignored as grammar and basic vocabulary are preferred.

I make German idioms lists with a specific meaning – in this post with meaning “taking”, that is expression ´associated with the communication process. One group of such expressions turned out to be too large. I moved it separately to the second part

German idioms with meaning talking too much or too little
German picture description phrases and sequence
German synonyms. Difference between verschieden, unterschiedlich, anders
Riddle in German. Do you know what it is …
Deutschtest für Zuwanderer b1 (DTZ). German writing examples
Others posts with German idioms lists – see #idioms in german

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