Idioms in German with meaning stupidity, madness. 2. Modern expressions

Last Updated on April 1, 2023

Several additionally found idioms in German with meaning stupidity from modern books and blogs. They have not yet entered the dictionaries, and probably not all will. But the frequency can be high as they are in vogue now.

I chose more interesting idioms, but did not take the more offensive ones.

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not the brightest candle in the lamp

nicht gerade hellste Kerze im Leuchter

God, let there be rain of the brains, and take the umbrellas from those in need.

Oh Herr lass es Hirn regen, und nimm den Bedürftigen die Regenschirme weg.

IQ slightly above room temperature / Your IQ matches room temperature

IQ knapp über Zimmertemperatur oder
Dein IQ passt sich aber auch der Raumtemperatur an

Dumb as 10 meters of the field

Blöd wie 10 meter Feldweg

The elevator to the upper floors does not stop

Der Fahrstuhl hält nicht in den oberen Etagen

stupid as a garden chair / smart as a seat

Dumm wie ein Gartenstuhle / Schlau wie eine Sitzgelegentheit

I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it works great

keine Ahnung, was dich so dumm macht, aber es funktioniert super

Too stupid to buy milk, leaves money in a jug
(from the old custom of taking milk from the farm into your container – money was usually put on the bottom and had to be taken out in advance. Now farmers deliver themselves, and payment is made by transfer, so this expression will soon go away)

Zu dumm zum Milch holen, lässt das Geld in der Kanne liegen

Stupid how much, how big is Russia

So dumm wie Russland groß ist

Modern variation on the theme “the stupid farmer has the largest potatoes” – the stupid programmer has the largest code “

Die dümmsten Programmierer haben den dicksten Code

He’s not stupid, he’s just unlucky in thinking

Er ist nicht dumm, er hat nur Pech beim Denken

Born stupid, learned nothing and forgot half of it

Dumm geboren, nix dazu gelernt und die Hälfte wieder vergessen

Lights on, but none at home

Licht an, aber keine zu Hause

Intelligence allergy sufferers


freed from thinking


passive thinker


there is an assumption that Honk is Hauptschüler Ohne Nennenswerte Kenntnisse (a student of the weakest school without knowledge). Expression from the youth language.

honkig sein

ein Honk (Vollhonk)

the answer to the silly “Why?” (“Because tree”)

Weil Baum

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