Public transport in Germany

This topic is about how to get the most information from the Deutsche Bahn website, what are the cheapest tickets, how to find regional transport sites and how to buy a ticket, what is written on the board at the station and what the announcements on the train mean. Part 1: Trains in Germany

Simple Christmas decoration ideas

Expat families often live for several years on suitcases because “the future is uncertain”. And what kind of Christmas decorations are there if the number of things needs to be minimized. However, you can make a lot out of plain paper, scattered little toys, and crafts with a basic set of colored paper, paint, glue, varnish, and glitter, and a day off.

Our decorations started with a mini Christmas tree and paper cutouts. Then came wooden stars and Styrofoam balls, decorated cheap balls. For most deco, what you have at home and what you can find in Müller (or a large hardware or garden center) and a Tedi store is enough.

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Chestnuts in Germany (Esskastanien, Maronen)

Chestnuts in Germany / Kastanien und Esskastanien und Maronen

Roasted chestnuts are an essential part of Advent. In recent years, chestnuts in Germany have been sold far less than before and prices are incredible. Only Aldi rescues the situation – here you can buy small cheap chestnuts. In southern Germany you can also pick chestnuts in the forest. In this topic – how to distinguish edible chestnuts and how to cook them.

Let’s first understand the difference between Kastanien, Esskastanien and Maronen.

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Child expenses in Germany in October 2022

We begin to record the costs of three children in Germany. Age categories: toddler, primary school child, teenager.

Mode of use is economical. A rare budget with three children will survive with all bio. We prefer not bio, but what is called in Germany “nachhaltig” (I don’t meet still good translation: “nachhaltig” means with thinking about nature, without unnecessary).

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Actual this autumn: emergency storage, corona rules and declaration of real estate

It’s still warm outside, but the lack of city lighting is a clear reminder that a hard winter is just around the corner. The German media regularly publishes a list of what the government thinks you should have in reserve in case of emergency. At the very least, long-term blackout are highly likely. Let’s look at this list. At the same time we will look at what is required of us in connection with the corona (do you remember this one?).

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Hunting in Germany

hunting in germany / was dürfen Jäger

If you have walked at least once in a German forest, you have probably seen more than one “house” with stairs on the edge of forests, copses, along the fields. No, they were not built by nature enthusiasts to observe animals. That is they observe, only then they shoot.

First of all, I am interested in hunting in Germany in relation to non-hunting people, primarily to those who walk – are there any restrictions, how difficult it is to become a hunter?

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Sale of used items (Privatverkauf). Private warranty

Once I met in an ad for the sale of used items a postscript about private warranty in large letters and with exclamation marks: “In accordance with EU law, every private seller must write that returns and replacements are not made and nothing is guaranteed.” Since I have not met with such a duty, I decided to investigate this issue.

It can be also interesting:
Sommer surprise. Real estate declaration in Germany
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What is allowed to do if you are sick without to be fired
Christmas cookies in Germany
DIY lanterns for Saint Martin feast. 5. Silhouettes

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How system kills blogging

On my sites you will see a nasty full page ad that requires you to agree to cookies. I know it got you. It got me too. But I have no other choice as the European data protection law is written in such a way that it requires you to actively, not passively, consent to cookies. That is, you must press the button yourself. In doing so, it requires:

– so that absolutely all cookies are registered. And this is statistics, newsletters, services from WordPress like contact forms, advertising statistics and even fonts, etc. etc.

– so that you can refuse both all together, and from each separately

– so you can change your mind

– so that all these services, except for those that completely destroy the site, are disabled until you agree.

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Christmas cookies in Germany

Christmas cookies in Germany / Weihnachten Plätzchen

This post is for those who have just met the fanaticism of Christmas cookies in Germany and don’t know where to start. You can easily find a couple of hundred cookie-themed recipes on the Internet, here are the most basic ones for beginners.

As soon as the children go to the kindergarten, the kindergarten and school “tribute” begin. For St. Martin, to sell at the Christmas market, to fundraise for the trip, for Basteltag, for the pre-Christmas breakfast in the garden, for the school Christmas breakfast, for Easter …

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Fighting condensation and mold in Germany

Kondenwasser am Fenster Schimmel

Fighting mold is an essential part of life in most German homes. The problem is blamed on users. They say tenants do not ventilate, overcool, etc. etc. In reality, of course, builders have crooked hands and save at the expense of residents. Our friends lived in Holland and did not observe this problem there, although Holland is clearly ahead of most German cities in terms of humidity.

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DIY lantern for Saint Martin feast. 4. “Drums” and “Houses”

diy lantern / Laterne Saint Martin

“Drum” – the simplest and fastest form for diy lantern. The choice of motive is limited only by your desires and imagination. “Houses” are cubes or other prisms. Here you have to work more and plan more time, that is, this is an option for older children.

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DIY polygonal lantern, cylinder lantern for Saint Martin festival

Laternen Käseschachtel Saint Martin / Cylinder lantern

Next possible forms and techniques – polygonal lantern and cylinder lantern (“cheese package”).

part 1 lighting, basic materials
part 2 paper mache lantern, lampions lantern, paper bags,
part 4 – “houses” and “drums”
DIY silhouette lantern for Saint Martin feast. Part 5
Separat about feast and songs for it.
Bascetta star tutorial
German school cone (Schultüte). How to make

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Diy Lanterns for Saint Martin feast. 2. Paper mache lanterns, lampion lantern, bags

DIY Laterne Saint Martin Lantern paper bag

In the first part, we looked at the possible lighting options and basic materials for diy lanterns. Now let’s see what typical forms and what techniques are used. I must say, that the imagination is inexhaustible and every year new variants for lanterns appear. I tried to collect most of the ones already invented.

part 1 – lighting, basic materials,
part 3 – polygons, “cheese package”,
part 4 – “houses” and “drums”
DIY silhouette lantern for Saint Martin feast. Part 5
Separat about feast and songs for it
Bascetta star tutorial
German school cone (Schultüte). How to make

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Farmer market in Germany and fruits and berries “free of charge”

Local products are in great demand, although it is not always easy to find them. In this post – where you can find farmer market in Germany and whether your can eat for free apples and Co on the way.

Hofladen / Farmer market in Germany

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Germany apartments search. Decoding ads

Apartments search in Germany has some special feature: you must know special language of renting ads, you should have a good friends and for you it will be much simplier, if you have no family.

The best way to find a good apartment in Germany is to ask friends. Since most apartments with a good price-quality ratio do not reach the Internet.

But if there are no acquaintances, then you have to work hard.

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Leben in Deutschland test. 10. Local authorities

The last post about Leben in Deutschland test – this time local authorities, local rules and questions about Bundesland.

All posts about #Leben in Deutschland test
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Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
About Deutschtest für Zuwanderer

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How to sort waste in Germany – what waste is going where

For residents and visitors, the authorities of many cities have made flyers in various languages with information, how to sort waste in Germany. You can find them on the town hall website. These flyers are not always detailed. I tried to collect all variants.

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Waste sorting in Germany. 1. Basic principles

Mülltrennung / Waste sorting in Germany

I have never met another country where waste is sorted with such exactness. No, plastic is also separated in France. Glass is collected even in Italy. But to sort even plastic bags by their size, glass by color, and packaging by type – this is only in Germany!

However, I must say that not every Bürger acts by the rules. There are enough lazy people in any country.

In the first part about basic principles of waste sorting in Germany.

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