Asperger Syndrome empathy, speech and emotions

We continue to talk about autistic disorder (Asperger’s syndrome) without the usual clichés. This part is about asperger syndrome empathy, emotions, intelligence and speech. We speak also about Aspie girls – girls adapt better to the social environment, so they are less noticeable and less often diagnosed.

Asperger syndrome empathy, emotions, speech, intelligence

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Asperger’s syndrome without outdated clichés. 1

In English-speaking countries, the understanding of what autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are has gone ten years ahead compared to Germany. However, there is progress in Germany as well. Because of Greta Thunberg, the topic of people with Asperger’s syndrome has risen to the top, and many German articles have appeared explaining what it is and how to live with it. Books are gradually being translated, adequate diagnostics are already available. However, many psychologists and especially educators know about the problem very superficially and approximately.

In this thread: what is Asperger’s Syndrome in a brief form and without outdated clichés and what can you do in Germany.

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Non-Speaking child. Speech delay treatment in Germany

Now we come to most important question: “What to do?” In other words – to speech delay treatment in Germany. In the first part it was a question “What is happening?” In the second part – “What is the cause?”

All normal speech therapists, unlike pediatricians, believe that the sooner a child receives speech therapy, the better. This raises the problem of how to get a recipe and where to claim it. Let’s try to go from symptoms, not from age.

And in the end two questions: What can you do yourself? and How to convince a pediatrician, that your child needs an examination?

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Non-speaking child. 2. Speech delay causes

The first part is about speech development and speech delay symptoms by age. Now we speak about speech delay causes.

Each of problems from the first part means a specific disease or several diseases. I can hardly name all of them, as some of them are very specific. I will try to combine them into groups.

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Speech delay by children. Part 1. Norm and problems

Having behind my back many years of struggle for the speech of the my second child and only too late having finally received our not very happy diagnosis of dyspraxia in my hands, I can summarize a lot about speech delay in children in Germany.

In this thread: what is normal and what is not, when to sound the alarm, what may be the reasons, what to do, where to go, how to find a good speech therapist and what techniques are familiar to me.

I do not claim absolute completeness and accuracy. But I would be happy to have all this information not now, but significantly earlier to get a piece of paper in my hands, which could be used to receiving therapy. Because as a child was 2 years old and I said, he does not control his mouth, I heard from a pediatrician “Your son is just lazy”. Then from another pediatrician two years later with joyful smile, “So he may not speak at all”. Only then he send us to proove ears (5 month of waiting!), then to special centre (1,5 year of waiting for diagnosis!). Meanwhile I paid myself for the first course of therapy and became second recipe from ENT doctor.

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Bilingual child speech development

The first part is about methods. Now about typical phases of bilingual child speech development and crises by bilinguals.

Unfortunately, at no stage we can say that all the difficulties are behind and then everything will be great and easy.

Bilingual children part 1
Education system in Baden-Württemberg
A non-speaking child. Part 1. Norm and problems
Benefits for families in Germany
German school cone (Schultüte). How to make
German primary school. Orientation. Must and can – school obligation

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Bilingual children. 1

Now people are so mobile that you will not surprise anyone with a multilingual family. For expats parents, this problem, which languages their children speak, take up a lot of time, it cannot be solved easily and forever. More precisely, this is the only way: no language – no problem, but this option is not suitable for everyone.

The main thing that you must remember is that there is no real bilingual child “by itself, out of air”. This is always the work of the parents, which may not be obvious to an outside observer.

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