Сommunal and European parliamentary elections in Germany 2024

Kommunalwahl 2024 Europawahl 2024 Kommunal und europawahl 2024

As usual, municipal elections and European parliamentary elections in Germany are held jointly. I don’t know what the level of participation will be, but the level of advertising for these elections is very high: literally every pillar is covered with posters. In this topic, we will sort out all small and big parties, study the unusual principle of communal voting and find out who votes for what. You may be surprised and learn something new about your favorite political party, and adjust your preferences not only for the European level.

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Is interest income taxable in Germany? Bank bonuses and interest income in declaration

fill out Anlage Kap Is interest income taxable in Germany

After a fairly long period of interest rate drought, the banking situation has returned to more normal. Interest income began to flow into savings accounts again, and banks began to lure clients with bonuses. What does Finanzamt think about this? In this topic, we will consider when and how to document interest income and bonuses in the German tax declaration.

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Vocational training in Germany – looking for Ausbildung

Have you considered pursuing vocational training in Germany because you can’t find a job in your field and don’t know where to start?
This information will also be useful if your child is approaching 10th grade, and it’s time to decide what path to take. Remember, Abitur, the university admission qualification, can be obtained not only at the gymnasium. Let’s explore what official sources offer us. By the way, a lot.

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All b1 German speaking topics (DTZ, telc b1). Part 2

We continue our all b1 German speaking topics. In the first part we had numerous topics related to family life and everyday life. Now more compact topics dedicated to medicine, healthy lifestyle, sports, work, shopping, pensioners, etc.

Part 1. Oral part of the German B1 exam. Speaking topics

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Deductible expenses for second home for work in German tax return

Are you renting (buying) a second home to spend the night closer to work? This will be called Doppelte Haushaltsführung. There are a number of deductible expenses for second home in Gerrman tax return. Let’s take a closer look at how this is done using the example of an employee. An individual Self-employed can also rent a second home (and write them off as Betriebsausgaben). The principles of deduction will be the same.

It also makes sense to review the rules and restrictions for those who are just thinking about whether or not to take such a job that you will have to rent a second home.

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