Difference between merken and bemerken and other words for memory and notice

The difference between merken and bemerken is at the formal level, in shades of meaning and in other meanings of these words. Additionally, let’s take the words wahrnehmen, erkennen, sich erinnern, einprägen, memorieren.

As you can easily guess, the root of the word comes from Marke – a mark. Hence all the meanings: made a mark – remembered, made a mark – noticed, made a mark (verbal) – that is, made a remark.

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Difference between ändern and verändern, verwandeln, wechseln and tauschen

This topic is about the difference between ändern and verändern, verwandeln, wechseln and tauschen. You can change slightly and completely, in a positive or negative sense, externally or internally.

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Difference between steigen, steigern, erhöhen, erheben, zulegen, zunehmen
German idioms about talking

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Aufmachen or öffnen or offen or eröffnen

To this day, every time I have to ask when an institution or store is open, I am agonizingly unsure which word to use. Aufmachen, öffnen or offen or geöffnet? Or, to be sure, just auf? What difference between öffnen and eröffnen?

Also aufschlagen, andrehen, aufschließen can mean “open closed”. Let’s start with them, so as not to get in the way.

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Difference between steigen, steigern, erhöhen, erheben, zulegen, zunehmen

Increase, raise, rise – there is not one, but several rows of synonyms at once. Let’s search difference between steigen and steigern, erhöhen and erheben, zulegen and zunehmen

First look at steigen, steigern, erhöhen. All of them suppose changing the level.

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German synonyms. Receive: erhalten or bekommen, kriegen, beziehen, erlangen

In this thread, synonyms with the meaning “receive” are in the center. These are the words erhalten or bekommen and also kriegen, beziehen and erlangen. In addition, let’s take a look at enthalten – the word that is always confused with erhalten.

Let’s start with the simplest.

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Difference between beziehungsweise, respektive, entsprechend

This topic is about words with meaning “respectively” and “accordingly” – difference between beziehungsweise, respektive, entsprechend.

It was difficult, to out how to translate “respectively” in a sentence like “you can get to Niesen und Stockhorn with a train – stations Mülenen and Erlenbach, respectively.” Dictionaries usually pay much attention the meaning of “accordingly, in accordance with something”

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