Chestnuts in Germany (Esskastanien, Maronen)

Chestnuts in Germany

Roasted chestnuts are an essential part of Advent. In recent years, chestnuts in Germany have been sold far less than before and prices are incredible. Only Aldi rescues the situation – here you can buy small cheap chestnuts. In southern Germany you can also pick chestnuts in the forest. In this topic – how to distinguish edible chestnuts and how to cook them.

Let’s first understand the difference between Kastanien, Esskastanien and Maronen.

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Christmas cookies in Germany

This post is for those who have just met the German christmas cookies fanaticism and don’t know where to start. You can easily find a couple of hundred cookie-themed recipes on the Internet, here are the most basic ones for beginners.

As soon as the children go to the kindergarten, the kindergarten and school “tribute” begin. For St. Martin, to sell at the Christmas market, to fundraise for the trip, for Basteltag, for the pre-Christmas breakfast in the garden, for the school Christmas breakfast, for Easter …

Christmas cookies in Germany / Weihnachten Plätzchen

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German wine classification system and wine regions

Since we live in a wine region, we had to explore German wine classification system. And German wines are not bad at all, if you make right choice.

Wine production in Germany is regulated by the wine law. There are clearly fixed regions and types of wines. The EU has its own classification by territory, but it was successfully integrated into the existing one, so that nothing has changed significantly.

In this post about different classifications (classic German wine classification + EU, taste, VDP), wine regions, popular sorts.

german wine classification / Klassifikation deutscher weine

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Farmer market in Germany and fruits and berries “free of charge”

Bio and local products are in great demand, although it is not always easy to find them. In this post – where you can find farmer market in Germany and whether your can eat for free apples and Co on the way.


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