How to change health insurance in Germany

Health insuranse in Germany

We have already found out how the contributions to the state health insurance are formed, who is obliged to have it, and what exactly of the medical services we are paid for, and for which we will have to pay extra. Now let’s find out how to change health insurance in Germany if another insurance promises a lot of free additional services or if the old one does not suit us with its service.

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State health insurance in Germany what is deductible – from A to L

95 percent of state health insurance services in Germany are defined by law, so all Krankenkassen are the same. These will be all services related to deteriorating health – visits to doctors, necessary surgeries and examinations.

There is no complete list of paid services.

For example, the right to free treatment services for unnecessary interventions is limited – if you get sick as a result of a tattoo or an operation to improve your appearance.

The Krankenkasse can pay voluntarily for a specific service, or it can offer a choice of several additional services that are paid from the general account – Gesundheitskonto (for example, 200 euros per year for glasses, additional examinations during pregnancy and other services).

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State health insurance. 3. GKV – all that I (not) will be paid from. M-Y

We continue the list of medical services that will (or will not) be paid for by state health insurance – Krankenkasse (KK).

Part 1. GKV. How payments are formed
Part 2. GKV. Everything that I (not) will be paid from – A-L
Pregnancy in Germany. Part 3. Mutterpass and Hebamme
Pregnancy in Germany. Part 4. Giving birth, anestesia, stimulation
Asperger’s syndrome without outdated clichés. 1

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Insurance travel abroad in Germany

For trips abroad, Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance) and Krankenversicherung are the most relevant, as well as travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance. Those who rent a car on vacation are strongly advised to have the so-called Mallorca-Police liability insurance for rented cars. In addition, they offer other options: baggage insurance, accident insurance, which is more likely not needed.

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State health insurance in Germany (GKV). How payments are formed

Actually, at first I wanted to write only basic information about what insurance there are, but I found a lot of information that can be useful to everyone. Therefore, there will be a series of posts, and we will start with state health insurance in Germany – what it is and what it pays for. Let’s make a list similar to the list “All I can return” (from taxes) – alphabetically.

There are two types of health insurance in Germany: state (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, GKV) and private (private Krankenversicherung, PKV). In any case, you must have one of them.

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Lebensversicherung (life insurance)

Lebensversicherung is not a necessary insurance, but in some cases it makes a lot of sense. According to statistics in 2017, 15 percent of the deaths were under 65 years old.

This insurance is available in two versions: without saving money (Risikolebensversicherung) and with saving money (Kapitallebensversicherung).

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