What is selbstständig, Unternehmer, Honorar, Firma in Germany

What is selbstständig and how does it differ from Unternehmen? Selbstständig in Germany is an individual entrepreneur with a small business, as opposed to Unternehmen with a bunch of employees? Freiberufler is a freelancer or not only? And if I work for a Honorar – am I a Freiberufler? Let’s take a look at the statuses.

What is Öffentliche Dienst
Who belongs to Freiberufler and what other forms of part-time work are there in Germany (Minijob, ehrenamtlich)
Credit cards in Germany
German tax return. Anlage WA-Est
Home office tax deduction in German tax return
All tax deductions (in German income tax declaration)

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What is allowed to do if you have sick leave in Germany without to be fired

if you have sich leave in germany

When my husband received sick leave not with a common cold and bed rest, the question immediately arose: “What, in fact, can and cannot be done during recovery so that the employer does not get indignant?”

In fact, quite a lot is possible to do if you have sick leave in Germany without to be fired, but you are unlikely to want to go to court about this – and the employer will go easily, I have absolutely no doubt. Therefore, we know our rights, but we use them sparingly. You also do not forget to immediately inform the employere about your illness – you may even be fired, although you were quite honestly ill if you forgot to call on time. Fortunately, at least the transfer of the sick leave remains in the past from this year.

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