What is PISA shock and why is it the norm and not the exception

For a long time, Germany drove its education model of the Weimar Republic, like an excellent Benz car. And in 2001, it suddenly turned out that the car was slightly outdated. The surprise was called a PISA shock. Then the educational machine was given a kick, without changing anything in the construction. The kick didn’t have an effect long.

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School system in Saxony

Secondary school system in Saxony are one of the most conservative school systems in Germany and are similar in this sense to Bavaria, which is supported by good results at the general German level. But in recent years they are still trying to make it more flexible and give children a way out of the rigid sorting system.

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Books for 3-4 grade (in German library)

What to take your child to the library (in German in our case) is a hot topic for parents. It is good if the child reads actively, but if you have a boy or, as in my case, a boy, a boy and one more boy, then the task of not only teaching reading, but getting reading has a new level.

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German Gymnasium school. Profile choice, marks and inclusion

When I sent my child to a German gymnasium, against the advice of an elementary school teacher who, for psychological reasons, recommended the Gemeinschaftsschule, I expected that the gymnasium would be somewhat similar to the gymnasium of my time: a profile subject 8 hours a week (so to speak level A), the rest as part of the standard program (level B). Everything turned out a little differently: there is no level B in German gymnasium, all subjects have level A and your preferences, interests, problems and abilities are of no interest to anyone.

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Secondary schools in Bavaria

We continue to consider where to go after elementary school in Germany. Next is education system in Bavaria. Secondary schools in Bavaria have retained the stricter education system as in other German lands.

Rheinland Pfalz education system
Education system in Baden-Württemberg
Secondary school in Berlin – Brandenburg
Secondary schools in Schleswig Holstein
4th grade. Gymnasium or Realschule?
Gymnasium. First year
School supplies in Germany. Notebooks, folders, art lessons

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Child with speech delay – where you can find help. Speech therapist in Germany

So, you were able to convince the pediatrician that your child needs help. In this topic, more about speech therapists in Germany, how to find them, what methods they use, and what other specialists will help you. Read more about speech delay in parts 1-3.

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Simple Christmas decoration ideas

simple Christmas decoration ideas

Expat families often live for several years on suitcases because “the future is uncertain”. And what kind of Christmas decorations are there if the number of things needs to be minimized. However, you can make a lot out of plain paper, scattered little toys, and crafts with a basic set of colored paper, paint, glue, varnish, and glitter, and a day off.

Our decorations started with a mini Christmas tree and paper cutouts. Then came wooden stars and Styrofoam balls, decorated cheap balls. For most deco, what you have at home and what you can find in Müller (or a large hardware or garden center) and a Tedi store is enough.

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