How to change health insurance in Germany

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

We have already found out how the contributions to the state health insurance are formed, who is obliged to have it, and what exactly of the medical services we are paid for, and for which we will have to pay extra. Now let’s find out how to change health insurance in Germany if another insurance promises a lot of free additional services or if the old one does not suit us with its service.

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Check if you need it

Just remember to check what the insurance company (Krankenkasse, KK) actually charges for free cheese.

The higher the salary, the more significant and painful is the increase in the individual percentage of insurance, which was discussed in the first topic. It may happen that the promised “free” services are paid for by the difference in percentage. For example, do you need “free” 100 euros for homeopathy if the difference in percentage is 500 euros (i.e. you pay 500 euros more compared to the health insurance company, which does not promise 100 euros for homeopathy).

Among those who really need to think about changing insurance, in the first place are those who need to pay for infertility treatments.

Who has the right to change insurance

You can change insurance if you was there for 12 months (previously it was 18 months).

You can immediately leave KK if it has informed you of an increase of the individual percentage (Zusatzbeitrag).

You can also quickly leave the Krankenkasse when you

  • change of employer (within 14 days after starting work in a new place – for those who are required to be in state insurance and 3 months – for voluntarily insured ones).
  • change your status (for example, from compulsory insurance to voluntary or joining family insurance)

How to change health insurance in Germany

So, you are convinced that you really need to change insurance.

Since 2021, the change procedure has been significantly simplified. Now you do not need to deal with the old insurance company first and then go to the new insurance company – they carry out all the disassembly among themselves. Only those who switch to private insurance or leave Germany should write Kündigung personally in the old KK.

In other cases you need:

1.Fill out an application for admission to the new Krankenkasse. It itself informs the old one.

2. Wait two full calendar months (that is, the time until the end of the month plus two months) – at this time, insurance will be sorted out among themselves.

3. Obtain written confirmation of entry from the new insurance company. Only then will you become a member of another insurance company, not before.

4. Report the change to the employer, the unemployed – Agentur für Arbeit, pensioners – the pension insurance.

5. Changes are possible in case of serious illnesses. If you must submit a request to the insurance company for the purchase of certain drugs or funds, then you must immediately inform the new CC about this. Funds already received can be replaced (for example, a wheelchair). Not yet received, but already approved by the old insurance funds require a new request from the new KK.

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