Blume vs Blüte

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

In German, the difference between Blume vs Blüte is somewhat more complicated than the difference between tulip flowers and apple blossoms.
What is the difference besides the presence and absence of an umlaut?

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Blume vs Blüte from a botanical point of view

Blüte serves for reproduction. This is what the seed is then formed from. It may be completely invisible.

die roten, gelben Blüten der Tulpe

Blume serves to attract insects.

There are flowers in which they coincide – for example, in a tulip.
There are flowers that have three Blume, but one Blüte – for example, the iris.
And there are flowers that have a lot of Blüte, but only one Blume – for example, the sunflower.

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Blume vs Blüte from an everyday perspective

Blüte is used to refer to the blossom of trees and shrubs.

der Baum war mit Blüten bedeckt

In addition, Blüte is also flowering as a process.

die Blüte ist vorbei

Blume – a low plant with a bright flower

Blumen anpflanzen
an den Blumen riechen

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