Describing people’s appearance in German (Personenbeschreibung)

Describing people’s appearance in German is difficult types of essay. You should, firstly, know the appropriate words, and secondly, correlate these words with the appearance of a person. At best, people are able to name eye color, hair color, hair length, and eye/mouth size. It is no less difficult in this type of essay to preserve a variety of sentence structures. It is clear that without training it will be a continuous “he has …”

The first part is about the basic principles of describing people’s appearance in German. An example of possible assessment by the teacher and adjectives for different parts of the head are given.

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German Gymnasium school. Profile choice, marks and inclusion

When I sent my child to a German gymnasium, against the advice of an elementary school teacher who, for psychological reasons, recommended the Gemeinschaftsschule, I expected that the gymnasium would be somewhat similar to the gymnasium of my time: a profile subject 8 hours a week (so to speak level A), the rest as part of the standard program (level B). Everything turned out a little differently: there is no level B in German gymnasium, all subjects have level A and your preferences, interests, problems and abilities are of no interest to anyone.

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Pre-filled declaration in Elster

Pre-filled declaration with the data of the Finanzamt makes it possible to avoid unnecessary errors and save time. Sometimes you can discover something new. We found out that the employer paid money for the double household, although this did not appear anywhere in the papers. In addition, if you quit your job and the employer did not give you Lohnsteuerbescheinigung on time, although it is obliged, you can safely call the data via Elster and not waste your nerves on swearing.

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Train delays and strikes in Germany. What can you do

German trains are no longer punctual. If you type “train delays” in Google, then first of all Google adds Germany. Train cancellations, delays and strikes have become a weekly routine. What are your rights, what is the compensation for a train delays in Germany and how can you get it?
The rules change from June 7, 2023.

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Tirol, Vorarlberg

All posts about mountainous region stretching from Lake Constance to Kufstein. TirolRund um Innsbruck von Reutte zu BrennerInntal Sehenswürdigkeiten. Von Innsbruck bis Kufstein Zugspitze Arena Reiseziele – Ehrwald, Lermoos, BichlbachZugspitze Arena Weißensee, Mittersee, BlindseeÖtztal Stuibenfall Innsbruck AltstadtInnsbruck. 2. Schloss Ambras und Patscherkofel VorarlbergVorarlberg Reiseziele von Bregenz bis Ischgl. KarteTouristen- und Gästekarten Bodensee

Separable verbs in German

Separable verbs in German are not so difficult, but they require constant attention, even for those who already speak German well and this makes the rule difficult. In addition to the basic rule, let’s also consider how (in)separable verbs combinations with noun, pronoun, adjective are written (Rad fahren, kennenlernen, leidtun, wieder sehen / wiedersehen, etc.).

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Fishing in Germany

fishing in Germany

Fishing in Germany is not as easy as fishermen would like. Therefore, it took 10 years before my husband, who used to love to fish, finally got to the fish farm. He wasn´t delighted, but all other options in Germany come with significant difficulties and financial costs.

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How to calculate tax in Germany. What is written in Berechnung in Elster

How to calculate tax in Germany is not such a simple question as it seems. You can’t just take income and calculate a certain percentage from it. First you have to figure out how much income to take, then find the exact percentage, and then also calculate correctly. Let’s look what is written in the tax calculation (Berechnung) in official Elster tax program and how you can calculate whether everything in your declaration is correct.

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