Zugspitze Arena Lakes

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Looking at the photos in the first part, you may ask – where are these lakes, there is only a meadow and wooded mountains. Nevertheless, three decent-sized lakes are hidden in the forests, and in the neighboring valley towards Reutte there are two more large lakes, on which there are even pleasure boats. And there are many small mountain lakes and reservoirs, some of which are used to provide snow for trails, and in the summer they are very beautiful landscapes.

Mountain lakes were hidden under clouds, but in the forest ones we even managed to swim.

Weißensee – Mittersee – Blindsee

Three lakes, linked by a 4 km hiking trail, lie at the foot of the Fernpass.

The nearest village is Biberwier. There is a chairlift and a summer toboggan (not very popular).

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difficult, stones, sometimes roots.

passable. It is better to begin with wide strollers from the loop of the entrance to the highway (after the bridge), since the short path from the parking lot under the highway is too narrow.

Length – 2 km
Pleasure – 5*
Education – 0
Age – any

Free parking is available at the Weißensee. At Blindsee, parking is paid; there is a gate at the entrance to the road from the highway. The price in 2021 is 15 euros.

Near parking lot by Weißensee

The lakes are owned, each has restrictions on use.

Weißensee owes its name to milk water, and it becomes milky thanks to gray clay washed off from somewhere above. The last flush was obviously not small and brought a lot of dirt, debris of trees that had not yet been removed. The muddy water looks not very pleasant to swimming, nevertheless, people swam further along the shore.

Against the sun, the lake looks completely white.

Along the lake shore, up to Fernpass, there is the Via Claudia Augusta cycle path – a very popular, relatively uncomplicated multi-day route through the Alps along the old Roman road.

The middle lake (it is called also Mittersee) is very cozy and green. It is only 4 meters deep, the water is clear and almost warm (up to 22 degrees).

Blindsee, perhaps the most beautiful. You can walk around it – the most beautiful part is from the parking lot counterclockwise. This part is also impassable with a stroller.

The lake got its name, most likely, because the flow from the lake is underground. The lake is up to 25 meters deep, the water warms up to 22 degrees on hot days.

View of Blindsee and Zugspitz from the parking lot at the restaurant on Fernpass. From here you can go down a steep path.

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  1. My wife and my favorite spot in Austria, from the lake to the salt mines to the sky tram, it was all Magical! I wonder if they have improved or expanded the lodging offerings since I was there 4 years ago?


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