Help get through the winter

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

German and international organizations continue to help Ukraine, now especially with generators and other things necessary for life without heat and electricity. Here are the accounts and sites where you can donate money.

Donations of things are even less suitable now for large organizations than at the beginning of this horror, but it is always in demand by local Red Cross. Sometimes things are picked up by small local help organizations that transport them themselves in their own trucks. To find such organizations, you can search Ukraine Sachspende + your region. For example, if you live close to Bernau near Berlin, then you can collect the help listed on this site. Or if you are in Hamburg, Hanseatic Help accepts help with things.

However, before the New Year, sendings to children are relevant, like all previous years: Weihnachten in Schuhkarton.

The action is carried out by Samaritan through helfers in the regions. To find out who collects such parcels in your region, type the name of the promotion and your region. Schools and kindergartens often collect parcels. Usually they are distributed through charitable organizations in Eastern European countries, but this year many are sending to Ukraine. The package includes new things for children: toys, school supplies, sweets, decorations, a wish card. Useful and pleasant, something that does not deteriorate on the road.
Packaging is standard – shoe box. Highly likely you are already too late to assemble a real box, but you can assemble it virtually:

Websites and accounts for donations

  1. RTL “Winterhilfe” any amount here

Or SMS with the word “Winterhilfe” to 44 8 44 (10 Euro/SMS + SMS cost)

  • 2. Red Cross account

IBAN: DE63370205000005023307
Stichwort: Nothilfe Ukraine

  • 3. Malteser

Malteser Hilfsdienst e. V.
IBAN: DE10 3706 0120 1201 2000 12
Stichwort: “Ukraine-Hilfe“

  • 4. Aktion Deutschland hilft

  • 5. Caritas

  • 6. Médecins Sans Frontières (Ärzte ohne Grenze)

  • 7. Johanniter (online donation form in the middle of the page)

  • 8. AWO

AWO International
IBAN: DE83 1002 0500 0003 2211 00
Spenden-Stichwort: Nothilfe Ukraine 

  • 9. Hanseatic Help e.V.

IBAN: DE61 2005 0550 1241 1552 56

Stichwort: Hamburgwärme für die Ukraine

  • 10. Kolping – aid to refugees


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