Ticino attractions

Impressive mountains, Mediterranean vegetation in the gardens, laid out by talanted gardeners, ancient villages hidden in gorges and luxurious life on lakes, severe fortresses guarding the approaches to ancient passes – all this is Ticino. Lake Lugano:5 best viewpoints of Lake LuganoLake Lugano. 2. Lugano, Gandria, Melide, CaronaLake Lugano. 3. Morcote, Caslano Lake Maggiore:Lake Maggiore. … Read more

Lake Constance attractions

Lake Constance (Bodensee) is one of the most favorite places of vacation. And this is its main drawback for everyone who wants to relax. For those who are not disturbed by the crowds of walking, skating, swimming and eating, there are a lot of advantages: clean water, equipped beaches and thermal pools, water sports and … Read more

All about Interlaken (Jungfrau region)

All posts about Interlaken region – around Jungfrau, Top of Europe train and two lakes Jungfrau region MapJungfrau region. 2. Grindelwald, First and train to JungfrauJungfrau region. 4. What to do in Interlaken and on Schynige PlatteJungfrau region. 5. Lake Brienz attractions. Giessbach fallsJungfrau region. 3. Breathtaking Lauterbrunnen valley waterfalls and MürrenJungfrau region. 6. Aare … Read more