Elster online. German income tax declaration Anlage N. Part 1

German income tax declaration Anlage N is for employees. In the first half we fill out datas from employer’s calculation list. In the second – our expenses, that we made for work.

Before we get to Anlage N, let’s see how we can make our life easier.

Making life easier is called a pre-filled declaration. Using the code Abrufcode, which is sent in the letter along with the code for connecting to the program, you can request your annual calculation from the employer (Lohnsteuerbescheid) and electronic reports for other activities, if you have them.

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Orientierungstest. 4. Economy and social protection

This field of questions in Leben in Deutschland test (Orientierungstest, Einbürgerungstest) covers mainly some workers’ rights and social insurance.

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German income tax declaration. Elster online. Introduction

German income tax declaration is named Steuererklärung. From tax return for 2019 the main part (Mantelbogen) of the German income tax declaration has changed significantly. And this was the last year when it was possible to fill in the tax return in the PC version of the official Elster tax program. Now you must use Elter Online.

In this thread, I will begin to consider filling out the declaration in the online version of Elster.

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Benefits for families in Germany

In this post about benefits for families in Germany: Kindergeld, Kinderzuschlag, Elterngeld, Landeserziehungsgeld, Familiengeld, Baukindergeld. The latter is practically irrelevant. However, according to the plans of the government, and all the rest may not be relevant.

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Kündigungsfrist, or How not to postpone the moment of a happy parting

Competition and crisis are severe and make everyone get out as best they can and cut the sheep, that is, you and me.

When concluding any contract, always look under what conditions you can refuse it. Even if we are talking about some kind of promotion, like “ProbeBahnCard 25” or AmazonPrime for month, remember – free cheese often lies in a mousetrap. After all, they want to get you for a long time, and preferably forever. Do you want this?

Kündigungsfrist is what interests us in the contract. This is the period for which you must warn your landlord / bank / whoever provides you services that you no longer need it. This applies to various areas. Examples I came across:

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Tax return in Germany. Elster online. Mantelbogen, or Hauptvordruck

So, we registered in Elster online, waited for the code from the Finanzamt (FA), received a digital certificate and saved it in a convenient place. We chose a full tax liability declaration (Einkommensteuererklärung unbeschränkte Steuerpflicht ESt 1a, i.e. for those who live in Germany) and go to main part of the declaration – Mantelbogen.

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