German income tax declaration. Elster online. Introduction

German income tax declaration is named Steuererklärung. From tax return for 2019 the main part (Mantelbogen) of the German income tax declaration has changed significantly. And this was the last year when it was possible to fill in the tax return in the PC version of the official Elster tax program. Now you must use Elter Online.

In this thread, I will begin to consider filling out the declaration in the online version of Elster.

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Leben in Deutschland test. 3-2. Parties in Germany, communal level

For Leben in Deutschland test you must know about three power in Germany: legislative, executive and judikative. There is a schema in the part 3-1. This part 3-2 is about communal level, parties and Leben in Deutschland test questions to this topic.

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Leben in Deutschland test. 3. Political system and elections

We continue to study basic knowledge of German politics and laws for Leben in Deutschland test. This part covers a lot of information about the structure of power and elections, so I divided it into 2 entries.

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What is Wichteln

Was ist Wichteln / What is Wichteln

“What are you going? Wichteln? What is Wichteln?” – This question often comes up in November, when foreign mothers receive the letter from school. It can also come from the kindergarden (rather unlikely), sports club or even from work.

What is it meant? Wichtel is a gnome who secretly does good. In the modern version, gifts for Christmas are supposed. The specialty of this way of giving gifts is secrecy or accident.

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Test Leben in Deutschland (Orientierungstest) in English. 1. Constitution

Test Leben in Deutschland is one of the two basic tests for foreigners in Germany. Some time ago in Germany it was decided that people wishing to live in the country should have a certain minimum knowledge of the history and social structure of the country. The basis was the research that some of the people who want to obtain citizenship (and have received it) are not familiar with the Constitution (Grundgesetz) and / or do not accept it in the part that contradicts their Religion. This minimum knowledge was expressed in special courses (Orientierungskurs), which were added to the integration courses.

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