Hunting in Germany

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

If you have walked at least once in a German forest, you have probably seen more than one “house” with stairs on the edge of forests, copses, along the fields. No, they were not built by nature enthusiasts to observe animals. That is they observe, only then they shoot.

First of all, I am interested in hunting in Germany in relation to non-hunting people, primarily to those who walk – are there any restrictions, how difficult it is to become a hunter?

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Hunting in Germany

To become a hunter in Germany, you need to have completed training at a hunting school (minimum 120 hours to 180 hours):
legal information,
hunting knowledge (traces, habits, habitats, etc.)).
At the end, exams are taken: a theoretical written test, an oral exam, a practical exam, including shooting. After successfully passing the exam, you need to obtain a permit to carry weapons.

Exams are considered difficult (and this pleases). The pleasure costs 1500 – 3000 euros, plus the training fee (if not included in the price of the course) – up to 400 euros and for the exam itself – up to 300 euros.

But that’s not all: in addition to the cost of weapons, there are also the costs of compulsory insurance and a place to hunt: renting a site (Jagdrevier) can cost up to 1500 euros. Without a rented site, a hunter can hunt only if he receives permission from the owners of the Jagdrevier (this can be both a city and a private person).

The duties of a hunter towards other mortals

To be honest, when I took up the topic, I thought that hunters in Germany had much more responsibilities.

In our forest, during the hunt, signs are put up and ribbons are hung on the roads. As it turned out, this is done only when the animal is driven. Hunting in this form is rare. And the target audience – cars, passing on the road. Signs should inform the drivers that a wild animal may jump out onto the road. On hiking trails, the sign may not be put up.

The hunter on the perch in the house does not owe us anything, except that he has no right to shoot us.

Why, in fact, hunters do these houses? First, of course, it’s more convenient to “observe”. But the main thing is that they are prescribed to have a “capture for the bullet” with each shot. This means that the bullet should not be in free flight, but should hit something, such as the ground. The position from above just gives the hunter such an opportunity. After all, his bullet will definitely hit the ground, even if he misses.

Shooting is limited to 1.5 hours before sunrise and 1.5 hours after sunset, that is, the whole day, but not the night. However, nocturnal animals can also be shot at night.

The main hunting season is in autumn, but some species of deer are shot from August, some from May, and rabbits and wild boars can be shot all year round.

Distance to housing is not limited, although if there is a threat of people falling into the radius of this weapon, then they should not shoot.

Thus, it remains to be hoped for the adequacy of the hunters.

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2 thoughts on “Hunting in Germany”

  1. Greetings
    I lived in Germany as an 11 year old son of an Army Officer back in ’59-60. My Father hunted with the local Jaegers and, to the degree I was able, I tagged along and loved their hunting traditions as much as my Father did.

    Is it possible to take the hunting courses by the Net or some other way, from here so I can hunt on my next vacation trip over?

    • Hallo, if you have a foreign hunting permit, you can purchase a day hunting permit in Germany. Permission itself is not too expensive. But the problem remains with the permission to carry weapons and shoot, which are not included in this license. If you are in Europe, then Europe issues a European permit. In addition, you will need insurance and all documents must be translated and verified. In general, if you are not European, then this is very difficult. You can search or hunting club un the region which you plam to visit and ask there (search for Jagdverein and region). Day hunting permit is called Tagesjagdschein für Ausländer.


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