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Last Updated on October 10, 2023

What is DTZ? Deutschtest für Zuwanderer (DTZ) – the main exam for foreigners in Germany. You need certificate level B1 for unlimited residence permit, naturalization and for work.

It has actually two levels – A2 and B1, but level A2 is not necessary for anything.

Letters 1, Letters 2, Letters 3, Letters 4, Letters 5, Letters 6
Dialogues for B1 test 1, Dialogues 2
German picture description phrases and sequence
Picture description in German B1. Deutschtest für Zuwanderer
About myself in German – sich vorstellen
Everything about the #Orientierungstest (Test Leben in Deutschland) is here.

DTZ takes place after all integration courses.

An important change from 2023: with the transition to a new testing company (Telc on g.a.s.t.), DTZ is only accepted from those who have completed integration courses. Everyone else is encouraged to take other exams.

DTZ is not carried out outside Germany. In other countries it is possible to take the Zertifikat B1 from the Goethe Institute. In Germany, the Goethe Institute also conducts its own exam, but not all cities have it. The Zertifikat B1 seems to be a little more difficult, but as far as I heard, the oral and written parts can be repeated separately.

Other accepted B1 exams:
Telc Zertifikat Deutsch / telc Deutsch B1
Telc Deutsch B1+ Beruf, Deutsch B1-B2 Beruf, Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege
Goethe-Zertifikat B1
Deutsches Sprachdiplom – Erste Stufe DSD I (Niveaustufe B1)
Deutsches Sprachdiplom – Erste Stufe DSD I PRO (Niveaustufe B1)
Austrian ÖSD Zertifikat B1

DTZ was introduced relatively recently (although it has been around for ten years already). The previous form was more complicated. Books for preparation for the previous form of the exam can still be found in libraries and in Amazon, so be careful when choosing.

What level has DTZ

DTZ is a two-level exam. Depending on the number of points scored, the applicant receives either a certificate with a B1 level, or a certificate with an A2 level. One of the parts – writing or oral – is decisive if the results are different in parts. It used to be said that the main part is the letter, now it is oral (you must have B1 in the oral part and one other part can be A2).

In my opinion, the tasks are not difficult, I would rate the DTZ as a lower level exam than the level B1 described in the European requirements. I know several people who, in reality, do not own B1, but they have a certificate.

At the same time, the simplicity of the tasks is compensated by the very limited time.

A book from Klett (such*) will help you prepare. It can be found in libraries. It seems to me that it alone is quite enough, if you write many letters and look through the topics of the dialogues and pictures.

There are listening and reading tasks in all sets of books for B1. So it is better to have grammar books, learn B1 words, than buy some expensive special books to prepare for the exam. You can take also many books in the library or download exams samples in Internet (Modelltests here or or here).

DTZ format

Written exam

The first part is listening. There is no time to think, you need to quickly scan the task with your eyes, listen carefully to the text, quickly note the answer and immediately run through the next task with your eyes. Each track is repeated only once.

The second part is reading. Here you can and should save time for writing. The reading assignments are very simple. You can start writing by turning in the reading answer sheet. When I passed the exam, it was possible to do so. However, the forums sometimes write that examiners didn’t allow to write a letter ahead of time. Therefore, the best option would be to quickly look the subject of the letter at the very beginning – if there is such an opportunity.

The third part is a letter. The types of letters are limited to everyday life. Many of these letters every foreigner had to write or will write, because such situations often arise.

Writing examples DTZ test Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

On the exam, you need to choose one of two letters. Particular attention must be paid to the correct design: the city, date must be indicated, the correct greeting and ending must be chosen.

For the letter is given half an hour. This is enough if you write on immediatly a clean copy and think at the same time, but not too much, that is, you need to already know WHAT to write. If you save 15 minutes from reading, then you will have enough time both to think a little about the content of the letter, and for the draft. But it’s still better to practice writing without a draft, writing only keywords on a draft, since there are stories how people do not have time to rewrite them cleanly and begged the examiners in tears to give them more time.

Oral part

The oral exam takes place later, often in the afternoon. On the written exam, you may be given a paper with a schedule of the oral exam. You get also a partner to take the exam. Unfortunately your partner can spoil your exam if er / sie speaks too bad or too good.

It has also three parts.

The first is to tell about yourself (where from, how old, family, specialty). Usually they ask a couple of clarifying questions. The story should contain complex sentences, but not be too long. Don’t mention anything that you can’t describe, such as a complicated hobby or life situation. But it is also good if you say a few details that you would like to discuss.

About myself in German – sich vorstellen

The second part – you receive a picture and you need to describe it. Then they ask about the topic of the picture. For example, if the picture shows a family in the mountains or on the beach, then the next question will be “How do you like to spend your vacation” or “How do families usually spend their holidays in your country.”

Read about picture description hier.

The third part is dialogue.

For examiner important, that you can speak with each other, ask and answer questions and understand the topic.

About dialogues Part 1, Part 2

The very form of the dialogue is not so important, the main thing is to say something and not let the partner drown himself in silence. For example, I had a topic “What materials are useful for learning German in courses, discuss it with a partner.” Instead of painfully squeezing out the idiotic dialogue “Hello, you know, our teacher asks about the materials …” my partner and I spoke about what can be used in general, then we asked each other a couple of clarifying questions, and the exam was over with full score.

I wish all those who take the exam to pass successfully.

Letters and other exam topics – #DTZ
Everything about the Orientierungstest – #Test Leben in Deutschland.

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  1. Thank you very much Tromari for sharing such posts.It helps a lot.It really helps if you could give some information and tips on sprechen too.

    • I will publish a topic with dialogue and Bilderbeschreibung topic as soon as possible. You can subscribe to Facebook, where information about new topics is published, so as not to check all the time for updates. I have also 6 posts (3 posts are publisched already) about letters – it is real tasks from real exams. The people schared them after the exams and I collected them from Internet.

  2. I don’t know, I just did the exam on 14.1.2023. I passed listening and reading, failed writing and passed oral but I still passed in overall. It was DTZ g.a.s.t was the host. Now listening and reading are combined together. So you just need to pass oral which is compulsory to pass and pass either listening and reading or writing and you will get your certificate

    • You are absolutely right, as I already wrote, now the most important part is the oral part, it must be passed on the level B1. You can pass one of the other parts on A2, but still get a certificate.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this info. Could you please provide the exact source for this specific info. below:

    “An important change from 2023: with the transition to a new testing company (Telc on g.a.s.t.), DTZ is only accepted from those who have completed integration courses. Everyone else is encouraged to take other exams.“


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